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Parish Council Meeting


Personnel  Committee


Meeting to be held at 7 pm on Thursday August 10th 2017 at The Pavilion, Ford Lane, Alresford.


Members of the Personnel Committee are hereby summoned to attend a meeting of Alresford Parish Council’s Personnel Committee,the Press and Public are excluded from this meeting (LGA 1972).



1    Apologies for absence: To note apologies for absence received.

2    Minutes of the last Committee meeting: To agree the Minutes.

3  Declarations of Interest: To note the nature and type of declarations of interest in accordance with the Council’s Code of Conduct (and section 106 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992) relating to items on this agenda.

4  Clerks Contract : To discuss and agree to the terms and conditions in a revised Clerk’s Contract


5. General Personnel Matters: To discuss and agree general matters relating to personnel and administration.




5th August 2017

12:34, 05 Aug 2017 by Frank Belgrove

Please see the below link for the August agenda.


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