Council Documents, Audit, Agendas & Minutes

Ardleigh Village Design Statement 

For information on the new Ardleigh Village Design Statement, please click on highlighted text.


Freedom of Information

Freedom of Information Scheme: Click here to view the information available.

The Council has been advised that nationally, Freedom of Information requests from some enquirers are being blocked as spam.  Normally, this should not happen to us, but to prevent your message being blocked, we would ask you to add "APCFOIA" to the title line and we can be sure of receiving it.


Parish Scheme of Allowances

Parish Independent Remuneration Panel - Review March 2011: To view recommendations for payment of Parish Allowances please click here.

Parish Scheme of Allowances 2012/13: To view the agreed allowances for Ardleigh Parish Council, please click here. [No changes to previous year]

Parish Scheme of Allowances 2012/13: Details of the allowances paid during 2012/13 can be viewed by clicking here.


Annual Audit

Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2016/17 (click here) and Completed Assurance Annual Return 2016/17 (click here).


Transparancy Code 

Council Documents published as part of the Transparancy Code (Click here).


Declaration of Pecuniary Interests

In accordance with the Localism Act 2011, publication of the Declarations of Pecuniary Interests for the Councillors of Ardleigh Parish Council are below.


Chairman - Cllr T M Barrott

Vice-Chairman -  Cllr L K Partridge


Cllr R J Talbot
 Cllr L J Chase-Gardener
 Cllr J Fryer
 Cllr D C Halsey
 Cllr N H Scott-Barrett
 Cllr A J Smith
 Cllr K J Thompson
 Cllr J Marshall
 Cllr C-A Andrews