If residents have any issues they wish to discuss with Councillors, or if they wish to have a matter raised at a Parish Council meeting please contact them directly.  The agenda for a meeting must be advertised at least 3 clear working days before a meeting, therefore it is necessary to give the Council 6 working days notice of matters you wish to be raised, otherwise they can not be discussed until the following meeting. 

Parish Council elections are held every four years (the next Election is to be held on Thursday 2nd May 2019) however Asheldham and Dengie Parish Council had an uncontested election and effective from 2nd May 2019 - Cllr Andrew Snowdon, Cllr Mrs Carole Faulkner and Cllr Nick Kelly will be considered to be elected Councillors. 

Due to Cllr Snowdon's resignation on 13th May 2019 there is now a vacancy for Dengie on the Asheldham and Dengie Parish Council - this vacancy will be advertised from 28th May 2019 for 14 days and if after that a poll has not been called, then the vacancy can be filled by co-option

The other two vacancies which were not filled at the election can be filled by co-option - One for Asheldham and One for Dengie - anyone interested in either of these vacancies please contact the Parish Clerk.. 

The Clerk's details are:-

 Mrs. Sarah Sayer

16 Buttercup Way


Essex CM0 7RZ

Tel: 07541 685708



Asheldham & Dengie Parish Council Members 2019-2023

Cllr Carole Faulkner - elected 2nd May 2019

Elected Chair of the Parish Council -13/5/2019

Contact details to be updated shortly


Cllr Nick Kelly - elected 2nd May 2019

Elected Vice-Chair of the Parish Council - 13/5/2019

Contact details to be updated shortly.


Mr A Fluker - District Councillor - Appointed by Order - click here to view - Order

The Wheat Barn

Keelings Road





District Councillor for Maldon - since 2011 and serve on various committees.

Trustee of Stow Maries Great War Aerodrome

Trustee of Maldon Harbour Commissioner.


Councillors Register of Interests Forms are currently being updated and will be available shortly.


District Councillor   2nd May 2019-2023 - also appointed to the Parish Council by Order of MDC

Mr R P Dewick

Curry Farm




CMO 7HL    

Tel: 01621 776581



Essex County Councillor

Ron Pratt ©


Old Heath Road