Please find below the annual return received back from the external auditors duly signed off for another year.  Anyone wishing to view or have a copy of the end of year accounts for March 2016, please contact the Clerk on 01621 773183 or by email to


Annual Return March 2015

Annual return March 2016


Precept/Budget Spreadsheet 2014-17


Each year in November members of the Parish Council review the budget for the following year.  As Asheldham and Dengie are such a small Parish Council the annual precept is very small.  It was decided to increase it by £100.00 for 2015/16 in order to start compensating for the LCTS being reduced by Maldon District Council over the next few years.  This is a grant that has been afforded to Parish Councils as the tax base calculation used to determine the cost of precept per household, no longer includes those households on benefits and eventually when the LCTS grant is no longer given the Parish Council will have to make the difference up by collecting more per contributing households.


Precept/budget notes 2016/17

Asheldham and Dengie Parish Council reviewed and finalised the precept for 2016/17 at their meeting on 7th December and in light of the removal of the LCTS grant this year,  members decided to increase the precept to £3,900.00 per annum to start bridging the gap of the lost grant - this will be £2150.00 for Asheldham and £1750 for Dengie.  Please see attached the budget review together with explanations regarding the reasons for some of the changes made.



Payments Spreadsheet for the Financial Year 2016-17 Up to and including March 2017