We are able to supply a number of security products for use in and around the home. These are:

  • MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE - A plastic tube that resides in the fridge. This contains details of medical condition etc., of the persons living in the home. Stickers alert emergency service people to look in the fridge when called to attend. £2.00.

  • PURSE OR BAG CABLE - Secures valuable items to bags or clothing. The cable extends to ten times its original length preventing harm to the owner. £1.00.

  • WINDOW VIBRATION ALARM - Sounds a 110dBs alarm when an attempt is made to break a window or other glass panel. Attaches to the inside of the glass and displays a warning message to the outside. £4.00.

  • DOOR HANDLE ALARM - Simply hangs over the door handle on the inside of the door and sounds a 125dBs siren when anyone tries the handle on the outside. Incorporates sensitivity adjustments and exit delay. Door handle needs to be metal. £6.00.

  • PERSONAL DEFENDER ALARM - Popular alarm used in large personal safety campaigns. Attaches to a key rings and emits a 128dBs siren when the button is pressed. £4.00.

  • SHED ALARM - Attaches to the inside of the shed door and emits a 130dBs siren when the door is tampered with. Entry / exit delay and sensitivity controls. £10.00.

  • FAKE TV - Placed out of site, this device simulates the light and colour changes emitted by a normal TV. Used when away from home and in conjunction with a simple and inexpensive timer switch. £16.00

Delivery takes about a week and the monies received are used to improve upon the services offered through Neighbourhood Watch in Colchester and Great Horkesley.

If you would like to have more information about any of these products - there are others - please email us at - aldercarwoodnw@gmail.com .