19/5/2017 - Brick Kiln Lane - I have had a report from a person in Brick Kiln Lane saying that someone tried to get into a neighbour's home last night and while the neighbours were in residence. Whoever it was tried the front door several times. Please make sure that your windows and doors are always secure whether you are at home as well as when you are away. If the same thing should happen to you, or if you see someone behaving suspiciously then please call the Police on 101.

Information about how to secure your home can be found at - http://www.essexinfo.net/colchesternhw/homes/

23/4/2015 - Nayland Road. - A person unknown has called on a home in Nayland Road saying that he was an ex offender and part of his rehabilitation was selling kitchen goods door to door the proceeds of which funded the homeless charity at which he was living. The home owner bought one item - everything was £10.00 - and included things like micro cleaning clothes. None of the items offered were really worth the asking price. The caller showed an A5 laminated identity card that looked official but did not include a name. The caller was polite, answered questions, and gave no indication that this might have been a scam. He also said that he and others get dropped off for 3 hours at a time in various villages up and down the country.

After the caller left, the home owner looked for the charity on-line but could find no evidence that such a charity existed. It is believed that it begins with the letter H. It is unlikely that this person will be seen again but be aware and suspicious and if you get a call and have doubts, then please call the Police on 101 and report your suspicions.

Update - Thanks to another NhW member living in Nayland Road, who received a similar call in June, I can now confirm that this is a scam and that Essex Probation Services operate no such scheme. Here is what they say about these calls.

Essex Probation is urging residents to be on their guard against bogus door-to-door salespeople. There have been recent reports from various counties in the UK of people posing as ex-offenders or offenders seeking to sell products or services door-to-door. They claim to be working for a project that is backed by the Probation Service. Essex Probation operates no scheme of this nature and is advising people not to buy from salespeople who claim to be part of this project. Anyone being approached by any person who claims to be working under the authority of Essex Probation in this way should immediately contact Essex police, giving as much detail as possible about the person and the business they claim to represent. Essex police would urge people to always ask to see identification when a stranger calls at the door, or ring the company they claim to be from to make sure they are who they say they are. Legitimate door to door sales people will always have proof of identity. Essex Probation does not issue identity badges to offenders.

22/4/2015 - Ramparts Close. - At 7pm 22nd April 2015 a group of 5 male youths aged between 14/15 years ran from the road leading into Ramparts Close through one of the gardens trampling down fencing and plants to gain entry to the Village Green. A resident shouted at the youths to not use the gardens as a walk though. At the time, residents were unable to identify the youths as they sped off across the park. The police have been informed and the incident number is 1014   22042015. If you have any information that will help the police identify those concerned, please call 101 and quote this incident number and date. If you prefer, you can call crime stoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 and they will take it from there.

1/2/2015 - Ramparts Close. - Between 3.00 p.m. and 4.00 p.m. young persons aged about 13 were seen gathering at the garages in the Ramparts Close area. Later around 6 p.m. the same youths returned to Ramparts Close and rang the doorbell of one of the residents. They were seen running away and it transpired that they had removed the wireless doorbell button from the property.  From a distance, they were then able to repeatedly ring the bell. The police have been informed and a statement taken from the resident. If anyone in the Coach Road / Ramparts Close area can help identify those concerned, please call the Police on 101 quoting incident number 833.

Further to the above, we understand that someone, or some persons, have been identified and that the matter is in the hands of the Police. It is also possible that there is a connection with the report below concerning damage to the New Village Hall and also to anti social behaviour in Brick Kiln Lane.


2014/12/12 - New Village Hall - Four lighting bollards at the front of the New Village Hall have been kicked and broken off at the base. This criminal damage occured in the early part of the week and again on Friday evening. The Police have been informed. If any Neighbourhood Watch member saw a person or persons in the vicinity of the village hall, or has information that could lead to a prosecution, then please call 101 and inform the Police.


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