You said you were my friend but that was just a lie

You said you would protect me but you wanted me to die.

You made me believe in you, instead of believing in myself

You made me weak, angry and too tired to fight.

You said I was in control, the world at my feet

You said I could be anybody as long as I lost weight.

You said I looked beautiful all skin and bones

You wanted me all to yourself, I was in your control.

You wanted me to have no one, to believe in only you

You made me hate myself, including my soul.

You pushed me further and further, until I was beat

You made me feel I was full of contempt and deceit.

You engulfed me and made me feel numb

You made me feel nothing thats how it all begun.

You never let me forget when I failed you

You counted my calories,my kilos and stones.

You thought of games to play, other ways to lose weight

You made me try anything to reach my ultimate fate.

You thought you hade beaten me and at times you did

You never saw the strength I had when I broke away free.