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Mrs Christine Barlow,

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Bowers Gifford & North Benfleet Parish Council is preparing a Neighbourhood Plan, for the whole of the Parish area. The purpose of the Plan is to make proposals for how we can create "One Village " of Bowers Gifford & North Benfleet that remains separated from Basildon by the Green Belt.


Keep an eye on the Parish Council website for updates or come along to Parish Council meetings.


The next meeting is the Annual Parish Meeting forllowed by the Parish council Meeting.  




The Parish Council meeting will follow the Parish Annual Meeting. To view the Agenda for this meeting click HERE to open. 









Exciting times are ahead as the Parish becomes part of Basildon Council's Local Plan bigger picture but development has to be in a way that benefits everyone and you could be a part of helping to make our Neighbourhood Plan a reality. The Parish Council has two Councillor vacancies.



Your Parish Council is non-political and plays a vital role in representing the interests of residents and influencing other decision makers in matters that affect the quality and life of all who live and work in the Parish. 


Interested in becoming a Parish Councillor?

No experience required , just a willingness to make a difference!

(Please not the role is unpaid but some expenses are covered)


For more information contact: 

Christine Barlow,  Parish Council Clerk, on Email: clerkbgnbparishcouncil@gmail.com


            Tel:  01268 725236 (M)07758255621  




Neighbourhood Plan

"Call for Sites" 




Many landowners took the opportunity to respond to the Parish Councils “Call for Sites “


 We have now completed a list of all the sites forwarded to the Parish Council and will now formulate the process to have the Sites Independently Assessed. 


In order to carry out this process we have engaged the support of Locality, a governement funded organisation that provides ( on application) Parish Councils and Parish Forums with grant funding for Neighbourhood Plans. In addition, they also provide technical support this stage of the Neighbourhood Plan.


The Parish Coucnil has already recieved financial support from Locality and other grants to assist with the Neighbourhood Plan. So far we have managed to secure £19,000 from Locality and £13,750 in other grants to assist with the process. Without this funding the Parish Council would not have been able to put together the Parish's Neighbourhood Plan.


For your information: 


Under the revised National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) which was published on July 2018 the designation or de-designation of green belt boundaries to release land for development can only be made through a Local Plan or Neighbourhood Plan. The purpose of the Parish Council’s “Call for Sites” programme is to identify available vacant land which could be released from Green Belt constraints once an independent assessment has been carried out.