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Concert on Saturday 20th July


The concert features John Rutter's The Sprig of Thyme and a number of choral arrangements of folk songs including:


Pastime with Good Company - written by King Henry 8th shortly after his coronation;


Fair Phyllis I saw sitting all alone - an English madrigal written by John Farmer in 1599;


Linden Leaby Ralph Vaughn Williams;


 I Love my Love - A Cornish folk song arranged by Gustav Holst; 



Swansea Town - also arranged by Gustav Holst; 


And more. 



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Watch out for the Billericay Mayflower 400 year commemerations next year.

The Mayflower Pilgrims.

4th July 2020.


The choir's contribution to Billericay' series of special events will be to perform The Mayflower Pilgrims written by Clive Jenkins.


This work was first performed, in 2005, at St Andrew’s Church Plymouth, where the Pilgrim Fathers worshipped before setting off on their journey to America.


The words for The Mayflower Pilgrims come from William Bradford’s History of Plimouth Plantation and Henry Ainsworth’s The Book of Psalmes.


William Bradford was Governor of the colony. He is credited as the first to proclaim what America views as the first Thanksgiving.


Henry Ainsworth’s The Book of Psalmes was the source of all the Pilgrim Father’s singing at church assemblies for many years after their arrival in the New World.


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