Annual General Meeting 2017

Tuesday 25th April 2017

Chairman’s Report

Thank you to all Members, Trustees and Committee members and volunteers for another successful year. The building is in good shape as a result of good maintenance and selective rentals.

How quickly do these annual evets come around? I’ve enjoyed another year as Chairman in what has been another year of change. We each don’t get any younger and this AGM sees the resignation of another past stalwart of our Trustee Panel following last year’s similar departure of Maureen Dann. This year we say goodbye to Richard Marson, who for a while deputised for me and for several years held the position of Lettings Officer. I’ve much respect for Richard as so often he could come up with a pragmatic solution to a seemingly sometimes emotional subject. We will be thanking him in an appropriate way in the future as he can’t be with us tonight.

1    We have reviewed and reworked our Prime Documents such as Bookings Forms, Constitution, and Letter headings.

2.   Legal Requirements:   We have updated our Policies on Health & Safety and Risk Management.

3.   Maintenance:   Our Maintenance schedules are checked and reported on at each meeting. We completely redecorated the Main Room, Committee Room and Kitchen and ancillary areas during the year together with the exterior parking area. We made available the whole of the rear area for parking by relocating the waste bin and removing the Railway Sleeper.

4.   Energy:   By renegotiating our Tariffs for Gas and Electricity we provided a hedge against future increases by locking into fixed prices and changing provider.

5.   Financially:   Bank balances are sound with sales turnover up by 18% with good financial controls in place. Despite reducing our Letting Charges to Charities we still enabled a surplus, despite some increased expenditure. 

6.   Bookings:   Continue to increase ahead of last year as the Reading Rooms continue to offer “Best in Class” facility at extremely competitive rates 

7.   Technology:   Although we have somewhat improved visibility on social media we continue to suffer a lack of regular update and a more modern responsive website. 

8.   Image/ Profile:   We have deliberately continued to maintain / improve our links with the Schools and this year we have a new logo, which was derived in conjunction with the schools to improve our profile and we co-operated with Billericay Rotary by taking advertising space in their Soapbox Derby event.  

The Future


  • Offer even cheaper rates with preferences for Local Charities. 


  • To revisit and create a new device responsive web-site
  • To monitor and extend Facebook and Twitter


  • Attract younger / new members with appropriate skills
  • Implement a degree of Succession Planning Retirement 

Links with Our Community            

  • Continue to work with the School/Community to help them and improve our profile