Presentation to Rod & Sue Rapley on their retirement

Sue and Rod Rapley were invited into the Reading Rooms on Thursday 26th July 2018 in order to mark their 16 years of resourceful service to the Trustees and Committee. The whole of the Trustee body was present to mark the occasion.

Keith Wood, Chairman, welcomed them and spoke kindly and honestly about them. He remembered the time when he joined the Trustee Board, 15 years ago, when Sue and Rod were already members. He paid particular respect to the valiant efforts they made in joining with the Board in those early dark days when the Reading Rooms were in very poor repair, with buckets under leaks in the roof, brown dingy paintwork, poor lighting and a dilapidated kitchen that would undoubtedly fail any present-day health & safety test. He praised Rod for his unselfish attitude and commitment to building improvement and his worthwhile committee knowledge gained in local council business. He remarked on Sue’s dedication, even through ill health, as she attended meetings when probably she ought to have been at home. Such devoted endeavour over all these years deserves to be recognised and will be sorely missed in the future.

Keith presenting voucher and flowers

As a token of appreciation of this exemplary service, on behalf of the Trustees, past and present,  Keith presented them with a John Lewis gift voucher and a bouquet of flowers for Sue.

Rod returned the kind words by describing how he initially joined the Committee and how much he and Sue had enjoyed their time as Trustees. He ended by offering their continued service as “Friends of the Reading Rooms” but added with a smile that their availability may be limited as they expect to be spending much more time in Spain, where they have an apartment.

The Committee joined the party for a photograph to record the presentation. 

Rod & Sue with Trustees