The  councils function is to serve local residents who live in the parish of Birdbrook.  We have a population of  200+ at present however this changes every year.

Birdbrook Parish Council is a progressive local council made up of  7 councillor's and the Clerk.  Members of the public elect our members every four years. We work as a team and our common aim is to serve the community.  Councillors work as a corporate body making decisions for the benefit of the community.  The Clerk implements these decisions and provides independent, objective and professional advice, information
together with administrative  support.

We have the power to improve the quality of community life by spending money on things which, in our opinion, are in the interest of the parish or its inhabitants, and many kinds of activities are aided in this way.

Parish Council Meetings are normally held bi-monthly on the first Tuesday: usually January, March, May, July, September and November, dates  times and venue (normally 7.30pm at the Community House), are advertised on several notice boards throughout the parish and in the Birdbrook News.

Members of the public are most welcome to attend and are given an opportunity to have their say during the public session.  

The Parish Council is controlled by Acts of Parliament, we can only do what we have been given a specific power to do by statute.

Each year, we estimate the running costs of the council's activities and set a budget (the precept).  All expenditure incurred by the council is properly recorded and audited each year.  We keep our local community informed of our activities in the bi-monthly Newsletter which is distributed to each household within our parish.

This website gives you access to a wide variety of information about us including our contact details.  If you require and further information please contact the Clerk to the Council whose details are shown at the bottom of this page.

Susan De Luca
Clerk to Birdbrook Parish Council
Tel:  01371 856068
email:  birdbrookpc@hotmail.com

Contact Information

Tan Farm Cottage
Mill Lane


01371 856068