Grants and Donations for Local Organisations

The Parish Council has powers to award grants to local community organisations and charities. Depending on what the grant is for, the individual power is either listed in on our page The Powers of Parish Councils or if not covered under these powers, can be granted under Section 137 of the Local Government Act 1972.


Section 137 permits councils in England which do not have the general power of competence to incur expenditure for purposes for which they do not have a specific power. Councils should first try to identify a specific power for expenditure (including grants): section 137, unlike the general power of competence, is a 'power of last resort'.
Because there is a limit (above) to the amount of expenditure that may be incurred under section 137 in a financial year councils must keep a separate record of expenditure incurred under section 137. However section 137 expenditure is not disclosed separately in the Annual Return.