Bradwell-on-Sea cemetery lych gate in need of restoration.


The Cemetery was opened in the 1880’s when the village churchyard was finally filled. The lych gate structure dates from this time. The beautiful structure is an important feature in our village landscape and we wish to restore and preserve this for the future.

Lych Gate at Bradwell Cemetery

Our lych gate at the cemetery is in urgent need of restoration. The base beams are split and have suffered from insect infestation and if left will result in the structure becoming unsafe. Also the gate needs attention and many people are finding access difficult. Finally, the tiles are falling off as the roof needs stripping and retiling.

Lych Gate Roof Problems   Lych Gate base beam problems Lych Gate base beam problems

If you wish to donate to this cause or can offer any voluntary help please contact churchwarden David Thorpe, or Teresa Reed.