Handicap Cup - Draw and Reports



Billericay Sports "C" versus Billericay "C"

Brentwood Hard versus Billericay Sports "D"

Selex "A" versus Writtle "A"

St. Joseph's versus Selex "B"  



1st NOVEMBER 2010  

Billericay Sports "C"   5  -  3   Mountnessing "B"

Billericay Sports "D"   5  -  0   Buttsbury YTTC "B"

Billericay "C"    5   -   1    Buttsbury YTTC "C"

Brentwood Hard    5  -  1   Brentwood "B"

Cranston Park   4  -  5   St. Joseph's

Hutton "A" versus Selex "B"

Selex "A"    5   -  0    Selex "C"

Writtle "A"    5   -   3    Billericay Sports "A"


An easy win for Billericay "C" of Keith Cullen (-3), Andrew Franklin (+5) and Lou Hopkins (+3) over two player Buttsbury "C" who fielded Graham Sturton (-3) and Louis Brown (+11). The only success for Buttsbury came with Sturton beating Hopkins two straight although Brown had a classic tie with Frankling before going under 11/21, 21/14, 25/23 - match result 5 - 1 to Billericay "C"


Selex "A" continue on their winning ways with a 5 - 0 home win over their Selex "C" team with the usual trio of Chris Knight (-26), Paul Stephens (-22) and Jon Stokes (-16) putting on a good performance to deny their opponents Colin Clements (-9), Gary Hartgrove (-9) and Trevor Ward (-7).  Giving a massive 17 points to Hartgrove did not seem to fluster Knight who sailed through two straight as did Stokes against Clements and Stephens against Ward (receiving 15 points). The fourth and fifth games went to three ends with Stokes defeating Hartgrove and Knight beating Ward 21/14, 20/22, 21/13.                  A much closer match saw Writtle "A" just edge home against Billericay Sports "A" 5 - 3 in what must have been an exciting match to watch - four of the eight games went to three ends with Writtle collecting all four but the result hinged on the struggle in the eighth game between Dave Moles (-6) and Mike Johnston (-11) - Moles just claiming the vital points in a three end win 21/17, 17/21, 21/19 and record two wins as did Matthew Brown (-10) who defeated both Marilyn Bawden (-11) and Keith Ashton (-9) in three ends - losing the first end in each.  Frank Neill (-6) managed to overcome Bawden for a very close 5 - 3 win.


Match of the round to date has been the victory of St. Joseph's away at Cranston Park with Robbie Burton (-11) being the star of the match - unbeaten he played his first game against Mark Martin (- 11) with both players starting from scratch - third end to Burton 22/20 - he then came up against John Mansfield (-12) and proceeded to win in two ends - he then followed up in the last singles with the score at 4 - 4 to defeat Ev Lucas (-13) also in two ends - sandwiched in between these victories were wins for Sue Hickman (-5) and Gary Carr (-3) both over Mark Martin.      An early finish in the match at Brentwood Hard with only one encounter going to a third end Greg Cooper (-1), Adam Bishop (+5) and Nick Wright (+5) proving just a shade too smart against Bob Garson (-6), Brian Steward (-5) and Colin Griffiths (-2) - final score 5 - 1 with Griffiths beating Bishop for the visitors point.              Billericay Sports "D" were good winners against Buttsbury "B" with Brian Cole (-6), Malcolm Henstock (-3) and Brian Warren (Scr) defeating their opponents 5 - 0.  Buttsbury fielded Alan Tofts (+3), Bill Nutbrown (+6) and Peter James (+8) - James being the visitors best performer losing to Henstock in three ends  and to Cole in three 22/24, 21/15, 21/23.               The fourth result card submitted saw Billericay Sports "C edge out Mountnessing "B" with Pat White (-8), Dave Kirston (-5) and Alf Fox (-5) beating Len Jupe (+2), Paul Singleton (+3) and Bruno Handel (+5) - White was the key to the home side's success winning his two games played while Kirston picked up two wins out of three with Fox winning one game in three and that win probably kept tyhe Sports team in the hunt as Handel took the first end 21/1 then lost the next two in a very close and tense struggle 20/22, 18/21.  Jupe claimed two wins from two played and Singleton 1 from three played - Handel unable to score.




Always likely to produce entertaining matches the Handicap Cup was no exception with the encounter between  the holders Writtle "A" from the First Division up against Brentwood "A" from the Premier Division - the home side fielded  Ian Hockley (-4) who was unbeaten, Matthew Brown (-10) claimed up two wins with Kevin Barber (+3) unable to score - the match began well for the home side with Brown defeating Trevor Carter (-13) but Philip Purser (- 10) just edged out Barber in the third end 21/18 - Hockley then defeated Garson in two but with Carter beating Barber in a close encounter 22/20, 23/21 and Bob Garson (-6) winning against Brown 11/21, 23/21, 21/19 the visitors had edged in front but were pulled back once more with Hockley beating Purser - not to be outdone Garson picked up his second win of the match - this one over Barber and at 4 -3 to Brentwood the stage was set for the possible climax to a fine match Hockley (-4)  against Carter (-13).  In a hugely enjoyable encounter of attacking table tennis the first end went to Carter 21/16 - Hockley hit back strongly to take the second end 21/19 - in the decider it roughly went point for point 5-5, 10-10, 15-15 but Hockley saved two game, set and match points from 19/20 and 20/21 down before bsmacking the next three points past his stunned sweat drenched opponent to level the scores and keep the holders in the cup.   Brown then took advantage of the lifeline thrown to Writtle by defeating visiting Captain Purser and thus steer the holders into the next round 5 - 4.                                                                                                                       First Division St. Joseph’s at home against Premier Division Billericay Sports “B” probably another pick of the week and going to the ninth game.  Robbie Burton (-11), Sue Hickman (-5) and Gary Carr (-3) edged home 5 – 4 against Dave Calleja (-14), Bruce Kettle (-12) and Andrew Murray (-9) – three of the first five games went to a third end with St. Joseph’s winning all three – Carr over Calleja and Burton and Hickman over Murray with Sports winning the first end in each but unable to press home their advantage. A hat trick for Kettle plus one win for Calleja was not enough for the visitors and it was the home side that went into the hat for the next round.   Cranston Park from the Premier Division could only field two players in John Mansfield (-12) and Mark Martin (-11) but they did enough against Buttsbury “A” of Caroline Cole (-3), Paul Sturton (-2) and Tony Nettleingham and recorded a 5 – 4 victory, Sturton’s win over Martin being the home sides only success on the table.      Billericay Sports “A” of Glen Johnson (-21), Mike Johnston (-11) and Keith Ashton (-9) held off the challenge of the Mountnessing “A” trio of Chris Crooks (-8), Dave Finlayson (-6) and Jon Dyson (-4) – both Crooks and Finlayson were able to take advantage of their generous handicaps against Johnson and collected victories but the visitor had the last word by defeating Dyson despite giving away a huge 17 point start to his opponent to take the score to 5 – 2 to Sports “A”.     Billericay “C” entertained Brentwood “C” and were rarely troubled – going on to record a 5 – 1 win.  Jon Fieldsend (-4), Keith Cullen (-3) and Alan Wood (-2) were too strong for Graham Mann (+9), Graham Harris (+7) and John Benson (+1) with Harris defeating Wood for Brentwood’s one win – Mann forcing two of his opponents to a third end to no avail.     Brentwood Hard recorded a 5 – 3 away win at Hutton “C” thanks to an unbeaten treble from Nick Wright (+5) and one win each for Greg Cooper (-1) and Len Nicholas (+8) – Richard Hayhoe (+1), Mike Newman (+3) and Ron Milbourn (+10) taking one singles each with only two singles going to three ends – in favour o0f the visitors.        Mountnessing “B” – John Newman (+4), Paul Singleton (+3) and Suzanne Shaw (+10) – held at one stage 2 – 2 by Writtle “B” then reeled off three wins in a row over Anne Lockhart (+3), Martin Goddard (+2) and Wendy Hibbitt (+6) – four of Mountnessing’s wins coming in the third end all at 21/15 with the visitors putting up stiff resistance.       Laurie Tonbridge (+2), Alan Tofts (+3) and Peter James (+8) of Buttsbury “B” took a 4 – 1 lead over Hutton “D” – Voltaire Salvador (+1), Steve Murdoch (+3) and Joe Bee (+9) then lost the next two and had to rely on a win for Tofts over Murdoch to pull off a 5 – 3 home win – Tonbridge unbeaten in two singles, Tofts winning two from three and James one from three.                       Graham Sturton was the match winner for Buttsbury "C" in their match against Hutton "B"which they won 5 - 4,   playing off (-3) he accounted for Mike Pratley (-2) and crucially in the final tie against Ron Grief (+7) - in between he lost to Roy Barnes (-3) in five ends with the visitor enjoying a comfortable scoreline 21/11, 24/26, 21/13 but Sturton received valuable support from two new recruits to table tennis - Louis Brown (+11)  defeating both Grief 17/21, 21/11, 21/18 and Pratley while Sam Yates (+11) accounted for Grief 15/21, 21/19, 21/18 - the young players showed commendable courage in withstanding the pressure of close games against more experienced opponents.     Two Billericay sides knocked out of the competition were Billericay "A" of Dave Carter (-3), Peter Brownlow (-16) and Peter Barrett (-16) against Selex "C" Chris Aukett (-7), Paul Brown (-10), Colin Clements (-9) - the home side Selex winning 5 - 3 - the match seemed to be going the way of the visitors who took a 3 - 2 lead but wins for Brown over Carter and Brownlow and a crucial win for Clements over Barrett saw the home side take the victory.          Billericay "B" were at home against Selex "B" who rapidly went into a three nil lead courtesy of Gary Ward (-15) over Neil Freeman (-11), Kevin Worthington (-18) over Guy McKenzie (-4) and Nigel Lamb (-11) over John Webber (-8) - McKenzie over Ward in three reduced the deficit quickly restored by Lamb over Freeman, Webber kept Billericay in the match defeating Worthington but Lamb collected a hat trick and success for Selex by defeating McKenzie.


Billericay Sports TTC "A"  5  -  2   Mountnessing TTC "A"

Ashton & Johnston 2, Johnson 1 over Finlayson, Crooks & Dyson


St. Joseph's  5  -  4   Billericay Sports " TTC "B"

Burton, Carr & Hickman win despite Kettle's hat trick


Billericay Sports TTC "D"    5  -  0   Brentwood TTC "D"

Match conceded


BAE Selex TTC "C"   5  -  3   Billericay TTC "A"

Aukett, Brown & Clements defeat Carter, Brownlow & Barrett


Hutton TTC "C"   4  -  5  Brentwood Hard

A Wright treble, plus one each from Cooper & Nicholas for Brentwood over Hayhoe, Newman& Milbourn 


Billericay TTC "C"   5  -  1   Brentwood TTC "C"

Fieldsend - Cullen - Wood in the next round over Mann - Harris - Benson


Buttsbury YTTC "B"   5  -  3   Hutton TTC "D"

Tonbridge, Tofts & James  get home over Salvador, Murdoch & Bee


Buttsbury YTTC "C"   5  -  4  Hutton TTC "B"

Graham Sturton, Yates & Brown get the better of Grief, Pratley & Barnes


Buttsbury YTTC "A"   4  -  5   Cranston Park

Visitors scrape home with only Martin & Mansfield over Cole, Sturton & Nettleingham


Mountnessing TTC "B"   5  -  2   Writtle TTC "B"

Newman - Singleton - Shaw defeat Lockhart - Goddard - Hibbitt


Billericay TTC "B" -  2  -  5   BAE Selex TTC "B"

Freeman, Webber & McKenzie no answer to Worthington, Ward & Lamb


Writtle TTC "A"   5  -  4    Brentwood TTC "A"

Brown, Hockley and Barber edge home against Purser, Carter and Garson



Byes = Billericay Sports TTC "C"


Brentwood TTC "B"


Hutton TTC "A"


BAE Selex TTC "A"