The Association is a non-political organisation encouraging the twinning of communities of other countries.

The Association is recognised by the Local Government International Bureau (LGIB), the Authority responsible for twinning matters in Europe, Sister Cities International (SCI), a body with similar responsibilities in America and has the support, by association, of the Billericay Town Council whose Chairman is its ex-officio President but the Association receives no financial support from the Town Council.


Billericay Park OpeningVisits funded by the individuals who travelled to Fishers and Chauvigny prepared the ground for these "twinnings" to be developed, particularly in the field of education which is considered to be an aspect of twinning of paramount importance.


We are looking to the future for our young peoples' sake by the formation of these links with the people of Fishers, Chauvigny and, in time, with other communities.


The Association produces newsletters throughout the year which are circulated to all its members and published on this website. Chauvigny Charter Signing Ceremony


All persons interested in Twinning are invited to join this Association.  It is managed by an Executive Committee which meets a few times a year to arrange visits to and from those towns.



If you wish to join this Association, please complete the Membership Application Form by clicking on the link on the left.