Copy of an article written by Jamie Follis describing his visit to Billericay in 2010.


When I was asked to write an article on my trip to Billericay I was happy to. But now when I try to find the right words to express how much this trip meant to me and everyone involved I come up with no words strong enough to describe it well enough. I think I speak on behalf of everyone involved when I say that we did not know how much of a bond you could make with someone you spend only a week with. We have met people that we will never forget and will forever hold a place in our hearts and minds. We are all now part of a second family. I got on the plane to England with butterflies in my stomach and a full suitcase. I now sit on the plane once again, only now it is with thoughts of sadness from leaving, a much fuller suitcase, and knowledge about a place I never really thought I would be able to go to.

    While in England, we were able to spend time in two wonderful schools, Mayflower and Billericay. We were able to learn about England's school system, and we appreciate all the teachers that let us sample a taste of a different kind of classroom environment. We were also able to take a wonderful canal trip, and understand the histories of the canals and how to work a lock. A day in London gave us the opportunity to see Parliament and try to understand a different type of government, and we also all got to get a bird's eye view of London from inside the Eye. I would go into more detail but I would have to write pages and pages on activities and wonderful experiences.

    I would not give up this experience for anything. It was so great to stay with a host family and become a real part of the  culture. Just by staying at the host home I learned more about England than any book could have taught me. I cannot wait until the teachers and students get to have the same experience I did over when they come here to Fishers.  

    We would like to thank the Twinning Association for providing all of us with this trip and everything else. We would also like to thank both Billericay and Mayflower schools for accommodating us. Finally, we would like to give a sincere thanks to the host families for everything they did. They opened their homes to complete strangers and welcomed us all like family, not an easy thing to do. On behalf of all of the America group, I would love to give a very sincere thank you to all of you.

    Now all there is left to do is go back to England again! I hope I will see all of you again soon!


Thank you all for everything.