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Until recently the public footpaths other than those kindly maintained by local landowners/farmers, have been cut on a regularly basis by volunteers using Parish Council equipment. This is now no longer the situation and the Councils responsibility for these paths has now ceased.

The responsibility of these paths now falls to Essex Highways, who will cut them once a year. However, should you feel there is an issue with a particular path you should report it to Essex Highways by going directly to their website, you can do this by clicking here…..Report an Issue’. On completing the report you will be given a reference number and a confirmation email.

You can also use this facility to report other issues such as Potholes, Overgrown Hedges, Pavements, Blocked Drains, Flooding or Abandoned Vehicles and much more.

Should the issue not be resolved as indicated, then a further request can be made by the parish clerk (Diane Jacob) to whom you can contact via email at The more people that report an issue will help to raise the priority of the issue.

If you do not have access to the internet or wish to report it verbally, Essex Highways can be contacted on 0345  603 7631

The parish equipment is still available to be used by anyone ‘at their own risk’ should they wish to cut a specific path(s). Please contact the parish clerk (Diane Jacob) who can be contact via email at

Bulmer Parish Council


Coe's Meadow Funday 10th June 2017

See whats happening in the afternoon and evening at this years event.



County Broadband Update April 2017

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Help Create a Pollinator Patch for Free in your AONB, March 18th 10 am to 3pm

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(Please note all responses should be made to Essex CC and NOT Bulmer Parish Council)


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Complete the online survey here......... or by phoning: 03457 430 430 (ALL RESPONSES SHOULD BE SENT or COMPLETED ONLINE to Essex County Council and NOT Bulmer Parish Council)



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The Bulmer Village Design Statement was completed in 2011 and accepted by Braintree District Council Planning as part of their consultation process for all future developments within the Parish.





Bulmer Newsletter "What's Going On?"
Gets a new editor, Stella Buchanan from the June 2016 issue. All articles photos for publication should be sent to by the 15th of the month of publication.

Published quarterly 31st March, 30th June, 30th September and 31st December and is dlivered to every household free of charge.

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Affordable Housing (March 2016)

 The Parish Council has asked the Rural Community Council of Essex Housing Enabler (Edward  Rigby) to carryout a Housing Needs Survey

 At the end of March 2016, a  Survey will be included with the March edition of 'What's On', to  establish if there is a need for affordable housing within Bulmer.

 It is extremely important that everyone completes the survey, even if your view is that there is  no need for affordable housing. You will find the survey is in 2 parts, and everyone should  complete part 1. There will be a pre-paid envelope with the survey for it to be returned to  RCCE. 


The Parish Council does NOT see the completed forms, only a report without names etc.

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