An Oil TankThe following are opportunities to purchase your heating oil at a lower price.

The first is 'The Foxearth Buying Group' the details can be found here on how to join the group along with dates of when orders can be made. No additional fees are charged.

The second is the Essex Oil buying group supported by The Rural Community Council of Essex, a larger group which charges an 'one-off annual fee' regardless of however many orders you place during that year. Details of this scheme can be found here......


Should you for what ever reason want a small quantity of oil say less than 500 litres then this can be provided by Badger Fuels a local business, and the details can be found here.............



The Bulmer Oil Buying Group 
With the current high prices it is even more important to join the group and pay lower prices than you would get on single orders. Can you afford not to be a member of the group, especially remembering that it costs nothing to join and there are no running costs. 
To join all you need is to answer yes to the following points:-
1. You live in Borley, Bulmer, Foxearth, Liston or Pentlow
2. You use oil for central heating
3. You have an internet connection (or a kindly neighbour so connected who will pass messages for you)
You pay for the oil you order at the price negotiated on behalf of members. As shown above this is lower than the price you can get on your own as we order in bulk and get preferential rates.
We now have over one hundred members and are growing! Order as much or as little (minimum 500 litres) as you want, as many times as you want throughout the autumn, winter and spring and once in the summer as required.



Oil Order Date for 2018

Cut off date

to place your order

Delivery expected
(but not guaranteed)
January Saturday 30th December 6th Jan.
February Saturday 27th January 3rd Feb.
March Saturday 24th February 3rd March

Saturday 31st


7th April
June Saturday 9th June 16th June
August Saturday 4th August 11th Aug.
October Saturday 29th September 6th October
November Saturday 3rd November 10th November
December Saturday1st December 8th December 


The group works as follows:-
When you need oil check the order dates (on the right) and e.mail me with details of your requirements (min 500 litres). You do not need to order each month, only when you need it! I will acknowledge your order by e.mail. If I do not respond within a couple of days I probably have not received your order, so please resend.
When the cut off date has passed I will contact various suppliers and place our order with the cheapest one. When the order has been placed I will e.mail all members (whether you have ordered or not so you can see the way prices are going) with the name of the supplier, the delivery date, the agreed price (which is the same for everybody regardless of the quantity you order-provided it is at least 500 litres).
That is the end of my involvement. The supplier will contact you re payment and delivery. You pay them direct. Most will accept debit/credit cards.
If you want to join, send an e.mail to Mike Crome e-mail confirming :-
Your wish to become a member
Your full name
Full address including post code
Telephone numbers- landline and mobile
The quantity your tank holds (if known)
The position of the tank (front, back, left side, right side, of house etc)
Your e.mail address (this can be your work if the boss allows it!)





  As you may well know, Oil Companies only supply a minimum of 500 litres. Badger Fuels have revolutionised this by using brand new micro tankers able to deliver smaller quantities of 100, 200 or 300 litres. 
Nicholas Wicks (MD) believes the oil user can now buy only what they need when they need it. We have focused our efforts on smaller quantities, catering for smaller budgets and we are also concerned about the threat of thefts, particularly in the more rural locations.
Telephone to order: 0758 269 1111 or
For more details go to
Registered Office; Badger Fuels Limited, 3 Kingfishers, SUDBURY,Suffolk, CO10 2BE - Company No: 04599111