Bus Services

With effect from 8th June 2009 Arriva withdrew the bus service to Canewdon.  Stephensons will continue the service with a few changes.  Please find the timetable below.

Stephensons Bus route 60/60A - Wallasea to Southend Travel Centre (revised 1.8.16)



A new service called the Crouch Village Link will commence 1st February 2011.

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School Bus Services

School Bus Route 515 – Rochford – Stambridge – Canewdon – Ashingdon – Hullbridge – Rayleigh – Sweyne School

 Schooldays only 

Great Stambridge, Royal Oak                        07:45                     Rayleigh, Sweyne School                            15:15

Canewdon, Scotts Hall Road Cottages           07:50                     Hullbridge, Coventry Corner                         15:22

Canewdon, Loftmans Corner                         07:55                     Lower Hockley, The Dome                           15:25

Canewdon, The Anchor Pub                         08:00                     Ashingdon Schools                                      15:30

Lark Hill, Pudsey Hall Lane                          08:05                     Lark Hill, Pudsey Hall                                  15:35

Ashingdon Schools                                      08:08                     Canewdon, The Anchor Pub                         15:40

Lower Hockley, The Dome                           08:13                     Canewdon, Loftmans Corner                         15:43

Hullbridge, Coventry Corner                         08:17                     Canewdon, Scotts Hall Road Cottages           15:50

Rayleigh, Sweyne School                            08:30                     Great Stambridge, Royal Oak                        15:53

                                                                                              Rochford, East St                                         15:58

                                                                                              Rochford, South Street                                  16:00



School Bus Route 806 – Stambridge – Canewdon – Rochford – King Edmund School 

Great Stambridge, Primary School                07:18                        Golden Cross, King Edmund School            14:15

Great Stambridge, Royal Oak                       07:19                        Canewdon, Scotts Hall Road Cottages        14:21 

Canewdon, Loftmans Corner                        07:24                        Canewdon, The Anchor Pub                       14:24 

Canewdon, The Anchor Pub                         07:27                       Canewdon, Loftmans Corner                       14:26 

Canewdon, Scotts Hall Road Cottages           07:30                       Great Stambridge, The Royal Oak               14:31 

Golden Cross, King Edmund School              07:36                       Great Stambridge, Primary School              14:32 

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