Skate Park

The Council is seeking to enter into a contract for the removal of the existing skate park and for the design, supply and installation of a new concrete skate park as shown in the specification herein. The new equipment will fit into the existing footprint of the existing skate park.


The service and works required are outlined in the specification. The Contractor must provide details of how each service will be delivered and the level of security that will be provided.


The Contractor is requested to submit a quotation for providing all of the services; together with an individual breakdown for each of these elements as the Council reserves the right to award the contract either as a whole or in individual elements dependant on which option(s) best support the needs of the Council.


The recreation ground is owned by Rochford District Council and is permanently locked. Arrangements will be needed for access and to ensure the gates are locked at the end of each working day. The safety and security of equipment and machinery is the responsibility of the Contractor until satisfactory completion of the contract.

Click here for all relevant documentation. 

Please read the Instructions to tenders section of the invitation to tender carefully since failure to comply with the procedures contained therein may invalidate your response. Tenders must be delivered to the Parish Council by 17.00 hrs on 15th April 2016. Late bids
will not be admitted and it is your responsibility to ensure that your bid is received on time.