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Crouch Area Yachting Federation (CAYF)

2017 Annual General Meeting


Held at the South Woodham Ferrers Yacht Club, Sunday  22nd January 2017




Chairman ( Roach SA)                           Ken Wickham                           

Hon Secretary ( SWFYC)                       Doug MacEwen

Hullbridge Yacht Club                            Ken Joy

South Woodham Ferrers YC                  Neil Grimes

Roach Sailing Assoc                             Clem Freeman 

Woodham Ferrers Waterski Club            Tim Cook

Long Reach BSC                                   Paul Wilgress                                                                                            Hayes Farm Leisure Boat Club                         Trevor Blackman                                                                                                Hayes Farm Leisure Boat Club               John Cook                                                                                                              Hayes Farm Leisure Boat Club               Derrick Rayson                                                                                                     North Fambridge Yacht Club                  Nick Parsons


John Saunders                                      ,Burnham SC

Edwin Buckley,                                                 Royal Corinthian Yacht Club

Alex Gore,                                            Up River Yacht Club                                                                                                          David Harker,                                        Creeksea Sailing Club

Richard Bessy(Treasurer)                       Roach Sailing Association


Also Invited

Crouch YC                    Royal Burnham YC                    Essex Marina YC

West Wick YC                 Wakering YC                            Narrow Seas Club                                  Eyott Sailing Club


  1. 1.     Minutes of last 2016 AGM  


The 2016 minutes were accepted as a true record; proposed by Nick Parsons and seconded by Paul Wilgress.


  1. 2.     Chairman’s report

 CAYF have made a significant contribution to help the affiliated Clubs in 2016; we have  demonstrated  the need to have a constant centralised voice which has grown  as our sphere of influence has grown  at forums within the RYA and CHA.  CAYF must be kept going.

In 2016 these highlights  included  :-

  • Consulting and helping position new CHA fairway buoys on the Upper Crouch in the Brandy Hole area and in the Upper River Roach also the route in Potton Creek to Potton Bridge and Wakering.
  • A new initiative by  was to draft templates for Club  Risk Assessments for Major, Medium and Annual  Club events together with Capt Robarts of the CHA. These are now displayed on the CAYF Website  for guidance of clubs.
  • We joined with the Cruising Association to put pressure on the MOD/ QuinetiQ to keep open the Havengore and Potton Bridges that we feared were trying to close the ancient right to the sea. Our thanks to the Heads of the River Commodores, the CHA and local clubs and yards in significantly helping with proposals, to Rt Hon Mark Francois MP   and to the RYA Solicitor Gus Lewis who all have acted on CAYFs concerns.
  • We helped draft a new Strategic Plan with the Eastern Region RYA
  • We have issued 4 CAYF Newsletters to Clubs which are now displayed on the CAYF website
  • We revamped the CAYF Website and the hits have risen to 82 visits in January 2017 from 10 last January, a significant increase.
  • We have members appointed to the new CHA  Port User Group.

During the past year we have made contact with various organisations on behalf of the Federation. The results show we are still making some significant progress in additional representation of the sailing and boating fraternity in the Rivers Crouch and Roach.

I must thank both Doug and Clem for their help and especially Doug with his efforts to have a news letter covering the Crouch and Roach with relevant items of interest. Being on the RYA Eastern Committee and the CHA Advisory Committees means we have a two way flow of relevant information to decision makers.

This year I have again attended all the RYA Eastern Regional Committee meetings on behalf of CAYF along with Doug. We also attended this year's RYA Affiliated Club Conference at the Royal Ipswich Hospital and again updated our contact base. It all helps when we have issues in the rivers and require help in resolving them. The Havengore / MOD area closures have been one example and alas it is still ongoing with the RYA but we have had some positive feed backs from the local MP and other users of the route.

Essex and Kent Police have raised the issues again under operation "Kraken", concerns are around illegal immigration activities via our coastline. This is becoming an increasing concern to the extent that the Marine Division may be resurrected for Essex, Kent and Suffolk, working alongside the Border Patrol concerns. Any suspicious activity should be logged and reported by calling 101 or anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or by visiting

I am prepared to stand again this coming year, if no one else wants the mantle, but we really need to engage with all clubs within the confines of the Crouch Harbour and I ask that all the individual clubs who do not wish to engage please rethink as we are becoming a recognised voice in the area once more.

Can I just finish by saying let's hope 2017 gives us better fine weather, fair winds and a peaceful time. Just enjoy your sailing, but please think of other water users as well when afloat.

Ken Wickham    Chairman  CAYF  Jan 2017

3.         Matters Arising from the 2016 minutes


  •  Port User Group

The Crouch Harbour Authority is one of a number of harbour authorities which was designated with the power to make Harbour Directions and a Port User Group (PUG) in 2015. The PUG is a new consultative body independent of the Authoritiy Chairman and Harbourmaster  that has the power to make Harbour Directions, an alternative to making bylaws. It is hoped that together with the CHA Committee this will co0ntribute to safe operation of the harbour. The first meeting of the Port User Group was on 14 October 2016 which will meet as and when required. CF outlined the role of the PUG and who sits on it.

Representative Body



Commercial Shipping

Dean Border

Baltic Wharf


Phil Pope

British Waterski Federation

Burnham Boating Clubs

Robert Coyle

Joint Clubs Committee

Up River Clubs

Doug MacEwen

Heads of the River Combined Clubs Committee

Crouch Area Yachting Federation

Clem Freeman

Yachting Sailing on the Crouch and Roach

Commercial Shipping

Conrad Dennison

Crouch Licensed Pilots

Environment/Flood defence/Landowners

John Lindsay

Environment Agency

Commercial Fishing /Shell fishing

To be appointed

Kent & Essex IFCA

Charter Vessels

Stewart Olley (Chairman)

Predators Marine Limited

Residential Boat Owners

Mike Pritchard

Residential Boat Owners Association

Roach Sailors/Clubs

Ken Wickham

Roach Area Fairways and Conservation Committee

Royal Yachting Association

Chris Edwards

RYA Eastern Region

Commercial Shipping

Chris Tyas


Charter Vessels

Steve Adams

Wakering Boatyard


  • In  response to a question from Nick Parsons about possible conflict of interest on the PUG it was explained that  inevitably  CAYF representatives were representing differing parts of the river on PUG. For example DM who was the Chairman of the HORCC  represented HORCC on PUG and sat on the CHA Advisory Committee he  also represented the Upper Crouch on the CHA His nominated deputy was Steve Harris Hon Sec of the HORCCC.. K W the Chair of CAYF, Chair of the Roach Fairways Conservation Committee and was the Chair of the CHA Advisory Committee and a Board member of CHA and sat on the PUG, it could be seen that there was conflict but KW assured the AGM that it was his duty as a Chairman to various committees was make sure that all points and issues were fairly heard and understood.
  • A subsequent question was raised about the damage Trawlers in the Crouch and Roach were having on  the seabed ecology and damage to the environment as it was a MCZ and a short discussion was had over the issues found on the rivers. DM reported that Members (of IFCA) were asked at their meeting to be held on 12 September 2016 to make a byelaw banning bottom trawling in specified areas in the Essex Estuaries SAC. If made, the byelaw will be advertised and comments and objections accepted for a period of 28 days following the advertising. As yet this has to be ratified and put in place.



  1. 4.            Treasurer’s report

 The Treasurer Richard Bessey, had given his apologies of absence due to heavy fog and traffic delays  He confirmed  that there had been no expenditure in 2016 and a cash balance of £252.32 remained from 2014, held personally by R Bessey. As he was planning to travel extensively in 2017 he could no longer carry on as Treasurer. Nick Parsons proposed a vote of thanks to Richard for his dedicated service over a large number of years on the CAYF Committee and as CAYF Treasurer. Unanimously agreed ( the chairman has subsequently made contact with Richard and gave him the comments of the AGM ref his continued service over the years and offered out thanks.)



  1. 5.      Election of Officers

Election of Chairman

Ken Wickham was unanimously re elected as Chairman of CAYF; proposed Nick Parsons, seconded Tim Cook

Election of Treasurer

Clem Freeman unanimously elected as Treasurer ; proposed Ken Joy seconded Nick Parsons

 Election of Hon Secretary

Doug MacEwen unanimously elected as the Hon Secretary; proposed Nick Parsons seconded by Ken Joy

CAYF Committee

There were no other nominations to stand as a committee member on the CAYF Committee although Nick Parsons offered to stand as CAYF Nominated Deputy for the Port User Group.

CAYF  representation on the CHA Advisory committee

Doug MacEwen (  representing the Crouch) and Clem Freeman (representing the Roach)   were elected unanimously as a representatives on the CHA Advisory Committee; proposed Paul Wilgress, seconded


Election of CAYF members to RYA Eastern Region committee

Ken Wickham and Doug MacEwen agreed to continue to represent CAYF at the RYA Eastern Region Committee meetings; proposed Neil Grimes and seconded Ken Joy.



5. Any other business


  • Complaint from Creeksea Sailing Club about half tide hazards to small boats.

David Harker Commodore of CSC had written to CAYF about the hazards of upright baulks of timber and other obstructions which are just submerged at mid tide. He requested to know who is liable for such items on the foreshore. No one at the AGM knew of the locations mentioned, it was agreed to seek more information about the location so they could be removed/made safe by the owner.

  • Trawler fishing through the Fambridge moorings and allegedly damaging moored boat.

Nick Parsons raised concerns about a large Dutch trawler that had collided with a cruiser on the Fambridge moorings and had not reported the incident. DM reported that the incident had been fully  reported to the Harbour Master and the skipper of the trawler had made a financial settlement with the owner.

(noted under item 3 of these minutes)

  • Port User Group                                                                                                                                                                             CF who represented CAYF on the Port User Group had no nominated  Deputy,  Nick Parsons was unanimously elected as the nominated deputy.( Noted under item 5 CAYF representation on PUG)
  • Thanks                                                                                                                                                                                          The Chairman thanked South Woodham Ferrers Yacht Club for their hospitality and closed the meeting at 16:18


6.  2018 AGM  MEETING  Date to be advised at South Woodham Ferrers Yacht Club


Crouch Area Yachting Federation (CAYF)

Annual General Meeting 2016°

Held at the South Woodham Ferrers Yacht Club, Saturday 24th January 2016




Chairman                                  Ken Wickham                           

Hullbridge Mooring Assoc         Dave Aldridge              

Hullbridge Yacht Club                Ken Joy

South Woodham Ferrers YC      Doug MacEwen

South Woodham Ferrers YC      Steve Williams             

South Woodham Ferrers YC      Matt Morton

Roach Sailing Assoc                 Richard Bessey ( CAYF Treasurer), Clem Freeman          

Up River YC                              Alex Gore

Long Reach BSC                       Paul Wilgress

North Fambridge Yacht Club      Nick Parsons


John Saunders ,Burnham SC

Edwin Buckley, Royal Corinthian Yacht Club

Alex Gore,Up River Yacht Club

Brtian Derby NFYC


Also Invited

Crouch YC                    Royal Burnham YC                    Essex Marina YC

Hayes Farm LBC           South Woodham Ferrers WSC   West Wick YC  

Wakering YC                 Narrow Seas Club                      Creeksea SC


  1. 1.     Minutes of last 2014 AGM  


The minutes were accepted as a true record proposed by D Aldridge and seconded by Paul Wilgress.


  1. 2.     Chairman’s report including Matters Arising from the 2015 minutes


  • Edwin Buckley

Edwin Buckley  had been awarded an RYA Regional Award and was presented with his award by Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal. Edwin Buckley has made a considerable contribution over three decades, in supporting sailing at local, regional and national level, in both Club and Race Management. His support has been to the  sailing community on the River Crouch and in the development of race management skills both there and to the Eastern Region and at a national level.Edwin was a Commodore of  the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club, has been involved in the RCYC  club’s junior racing team, been a Chairman of the Crouch Area Yachting Federation and   has also been principal race officer for Burnham Week since 2006, he also represents the interests of the yacht club on the Burnham Joint Clubs Committee

  • CAYF membership is now at 29 Clubs and slowly growing 

The Crouch Area Yachting Federation comprises of boating Clubs and organisations in the Crouch and Roach Rivers and includes some non RYA  Affiliated Clubs.

With new CAYF representatives, we have implemented a  strategy of improving communication within the 3 disparate areas of CAYF,  creating 3 area focal points Ken Wickham representing the Roach Area Fairways Conservation Committee; Doug MacEwen representing River Crouch Clubs and associations and  Clem Freeman representing the River Roach Clubs. Our objective is to raise CAYFs profile and  prove  how CAYF can add value to all Clubs on the Crouch and Roach.  


The CAYF website has been upgraded; an occasional newsletter issued to all clubs and improved communication and consultation with the Clubs and Crouch Harbour Authority commenced.  For example a number of CAYF Clubs responded individually to the ECRYA  information  about the proposed Stour Mussel farm.

  • Havengore and Potton Bridges, River Roach

CAYF are concerned at the frequent closure of the Havengore and Potton Bridges, most recently through a lack of bridge keepers. This is an ancient protected right of navigation and we are eager to see this right protected. We have so far involved the local MP and challenged the now private company that runs the Foulness ranges on behalf of the MOD. Our efforts continue...

  • River Roach - new floating oyster pens

At the recent Crouch Harbour Authority  Advisory meeting a works licence was agreed for the Roach Oyster Company  to install plastic coated floating cages for the cultivation of oysters to replace the existing oyster trestles; almost opposite Yokesfleet Creek, on the River Roach.  CAYF representatives supported this and felt that this was  less of a hazard to the navigation of yachts tacking, than the existing oyster trestles as they would be visible  rather than submerged as at present.  Also  they will also be lit in the hours of darkness.


  • New Navigational Buoyage in the Brandy Hole

The Crouch Harbour Authority  had strong complaints last year about the confusion of the fairway at Brandy Hole and Hullbridge areas.  We managed to get the fairway identified and cleared of moored boats thanks to the cooperation of the local clubs and together with the Harbourmaster identified the best navigable channel in the Brandy Hole area.  There are now three new navigational buoys put in place to guide boats through:-

  • Sbd hand mark  in postn 51 37.99N,  000  38.68 E named Brandy Hole
  •  Sbd hand mark in postn 51 37 .92N 000  37.93E ( off the North Bank spit) named Kingsman   ( The Revenue officers erected a lookout here that stopped the smuggling).
  • Port hand mark  in postn 51 37.96N 000 37.64E (marking the right hand kink)  named Hawbush ( this was the old mouth of Hawbush Creek until the seawall was built across it).


  • New Buoys at the top of the Roach

The access to the upper reaches of the Roach has always in the past been a hit or miss affair. The reputation of the shallow end of the Roach is unfounded to those who use it regularly.  To assist the access to the area CAYF have been involved with the CHA  to  laid a series of navigation buoys from Paglesham Reach ( Black Edge Buoy No 1  LIT -FL G 6 sec position 51 35.230 N 000 48.199E)  to the Upper Reaches (Top Rochford  No7 LIT-FL G 6 Sec position 51 34.844 N 000 44.867 E . Top Rochford No 8 LIT-FL R 6 Sec 51 34.826 N 000 44.871 E)


  • RYA feedback

There was  a  lack of response to the  RYA information circulars requesting feedback from  clubs    As a result of Robbie’s prompting, this has been  followed up individually with the Club Commodores  sometimes up to 4 times  to get a response, the cause was subsequently discussed at CAYF forums. The following was the rather blunt feedback.

  • Some of the  various RYA  databases  used were out of date. With modern technology it was felt  that the RYA should use one up to date database, based on the annual the affiliation fee return.
  • Club officers are busy volunteers and “skim” a large variety of incoming the messages toclubs, if the message is not obvious or lengthy it is dumped! The RYA information to Clubs requiring feedback should be to short, be simple and focussed.


This has been fed back to the chairman of ECRYA and RYA at Hamble  to   improve the communication between  the RYA and Clubs.


  •  Port User Group

The Crouch Harbour Authority ( A Trust Port) is  in the process of setting up a Port User Group and initial indications are that CAYF will be represented by each of the 3 area representatives

  •  New Coastal team to promote tourism on the Crouch                                                                             

 Maldon District Council together with Rochford District Council and Chelmsford City Council is bringing together businesses, councillors, community officers, community volunteers and leisure representatives to form one    group to promote tourism on the Rivers Crouch and Roach.   A grant of £10,000 has been obtained from the Department of Communities and local Government, to draw up and consult on an integrated  plan across District boundaries, using the River Crouch as the main focus point to  share ideas on how best to promote the area.  Once  the plan is complete it is then planned  to secure funding  from Europe to implement the plan over a 6 year timeframe. 

At a meeting on at Brandy Hole a diverse group representing the Crouch valley community as a whole ( including CAYF representatives, )  met together to  gather and discuss how best to promote an economic plan to coordinate regeneration projects in our area. This may include 2 new river crossings of the Crouch.  


  1. 3.     Treasurer’s report

 The Treasurer Richard Bessey, confirmed  that there had been no expenditure in 2015 and a cash balance of £252.32 remained from 2014, held personally by R Bessey.


  1. 4.      Election of Officers

Election of Chairman

K Wickham was unanimously re elected as Chairman of CAYF

Election of Treasurer

R Bessey agreed to continue as Treasurer and  was elected unanimously

 Election of Hon Secretary

Doug MacEwen and Clem Freeman were elected unanimously as joint Hon Secretaries

CAYF Committee

There were no nominations to stand as a committee member on theCAYF Committee

CAYF  representation on the CHA Advisory committee

Doug MacEwen (  representing the Crouch) and Clem Freeman (representing the Roach)   would continue as a representatives on the CHA Advisory Committee.


Election of CAYF members to RYA Eastern Region committee

Ken Wickham and Doug MacEwen agreed to continue to represent CAYF at the  RYA Eastern Region Committee meetings


RSPB Wallasea including CAYF representative

Clem Freeman and Ken Wickham agreed to represent CAYF at future RSPB meetings.

It was confirmed that  the project is mothballed from June/July 2015 until future supplies of material become available.


5. Any other business (To be raised at CHA Advisory Committee)

  • Concern was raised about the trawlers fishing through the Fambridge moorings and allegedly damaging moored boats there at night.
  • A subsequent question was raised about the damage Trawlers in the Crouch were having on  the seabed ecology and damage to the environment as it was a MCZ?
  • Several members expressed concern  about houseboats discharging raw sewage into the Crouch and Roach and the generator of one creating a noise nuisance.
  • Groynes were missing topmarks warnings at Canewdon and not visible at HW
  • A Crossrail Rail race mark was in a poor state of Easter Reach


The Chairman thanked South Woodham Ferrers Yacht Club for their hospitality and closed the meeting at 16:18



NEXT MEETING  Sunday 15th January 2017 at 14:30 pm at South Woodham Ferrers Yacht Club









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