Our Village Hall provides an invaluable service to the villages of Chappel and Wakes Colne and the surrounding communities by providing a suitable venue for many village activities and events such as Children's Play Groups, Dance Classes, Club Meetings, Band Practice etc. as well as hosting Christenings, Quizzes, Race Nights, Live Music and Wedding Parties

Village Hall - Front view

Main entrance is at the left side with large car park to the rear

Inside Village Hall - stage view

 Inside Village Hall

Village Hall - Interior

Entrance on the the left and large kitchen to the right

Fully equipped kitchen with refrigerator, cooker, microwave, catering utensils and cutlery  

Large stage with separate meeting room at the rear of the stage

Mobile bar/catering area 

Full toilet facilities including toilet for the disabled at the front of the Hall (there is currently no Wheelchair access entrance to the Hall) 

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Contact Information

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