CCAG AGM 21 May 2018




1 Present: John Hammond (Chairman), Jim Fox (Secretary), Sara Craig, Allan Trigg, Alex Marsh


2 Apologies for absence: Andy Sweeting.


3 Matters Arising from AGM 15 May 2017:


At the previous AGM it had been suggested that a list of CCAG’s cycle route successes should be kept on the website. This has not been done.


4 Election of officers.


Allan proposed John for Chairman. This was agreed. He would also remain as Treasurer.


Jim would continue as Secretary.


Sara asked for it to be noted that she was no longer membership secretary.


5 Accounts


Current balance was £1076.95. John said that a continuing cost was £5 per month charged by the Co-op bank to maintain the account.


6 Matters arising from minutes of 19 March 2018.


Correction: Allan had written to Cllr Bentley, not Jacobs, about potential loss of New London Rd crossing for cyclists.


Allan had written to Cllr Bentley urging news about the hoped for use of subways at Army and Navy and New London Rd. The response was that developments were awaiting outcome of Safety Audits.


7 There was discussion about the emerging works at Bell Meadow. The view of CCAG was that the scheme, which was intended to ease pedestrian movements, and provide an entrance opposite Primark, destroyed unnecessarily a large green area and removed trees (although some trees were being installed). The outcome was likely to be less user friendly to pedestrians and cyclists and would probably cause conflict. Mike Whalley took note and determined to take up the matter with his councillor.


8 With reference to cycle parking at the railway station, Alex said that, contrary to earlier hopes, Greater Anglia weren’t going to provide extra parking in Arch 23. John said there was misinformation and blaming between GA and City Council. There is still no sign on the cycle cage about how to get entry fobs to use the spare spaces.


9 Cycle parking at Hylands Park. Allan reported that an Ice Cream Kiosk had appeared where there had been cycle racks. He expected more racks to be provided. There were also racks at the Writtle car park area.


10 John reported that at a City Council meeting, Councillor Sullivan had proposed a motion to request Essex Police to increase enforcement activity to stop cycling in pedestrian priority areas of the city centre.

11 Any Other Business.

Andy had provided documents about two points:

11.1 He had questioned Bond Street staff about the justification for a Cyclists Dismount sign in Bond Street. They had claimed that the location was private property so there was no need for Highways authority. Andy had made a complaint about this. John thought that there was reason to believe that the Bond St spokesperson was wrong. In his view, the street was quite possibly “Highway” and subject to traffic Regulation Orders.

11.2 Andy drew attention to new railings in Chelmer Park between the main path and the car park. This was reminiscent of the Vicarage Road case. ie railings had been removed in recent years and had latterly reappeared without warning. John speculated that Galleywood residents had complained the council and the railings restored as a result. We would ask Andy if he had any contacts with Galleywood Parish Council.

11.3 John and Jim had been to Essex Cycle Route Design Forum. They took the view that it should have been better focussed. Much time was spent over stressing the work required to build cycle routes. A doctor had given a compelling report on the health benefits of regular cyclists. The cycling advocates present needed no convincing. Benefit might have been gained if Councillors had heard it but there were none present during his presentation.

12 Date of next meeting 16 July 2018