Chelmsford Civic Society -

JpegRegistered Charity No:271779.

. The aims of  Chelmsford  Civic Society is to stimulate public interest in, and appreciation and care of, the history, appearance and character of Chelmsford.

 Do you care about --    

  • the preservation of buildings?                       ♦    Future Planning and land use?
  • History and Architecture?                              ♦    Transport, Road and Car Parking? 
  • River Banks, Parks and Trees?                     ♦    Recycling and Litter disposal?
  • Passionate about matters of historical interest and planning matters? Join us get involved
  • Shopping and entertainmnet facilities?          ♦     The Appearance of Streets and shop fronts?   *  

 then join us and help to make a difference.

Contact Information

50 Paradise Road

01245 420729