These are the least formal of our meetings and take the form of a panel of several speakers assuming various roles, e.g. as characters from fiction or history, stereotypes or Deadly Sins. Costumes and props are not unknown. Modelled on the party game, the scenario is that the panel is in a balloon which is descending such that someone must be thrown out to allow the others to survive. Depending on time there may be some questions allowed from the floor

Five panel members are each given four minutes to plead for their lives after which a vote is taken and the speaker with the least number of votes is ejected. The remaining four speakers then each have three minutes to argue their case before another vote is taken and another person ousted. There is usually a refreshment break about this time. On resuming, the three speakers left, each talk for two minutes before a third vote is taken and another person is expelled. The two speakers remaining are then given one minute each to make their last despairing pleas before the final vote is taken and one of them is thrown out. The Chairman then congratulates the winner who is the one still standing in the balloon, thanks the losers, announces the date, Speakers and Motion for the next meeting and declares the meeting closed.