Q: What does the Clacton Debating Society do?                          

A: We hold debates on more or less serious Motions through the year


Q: Where do you do it?                                                                

A: In Scott's Garden Studio, Imperial House, 20-22 Rosemary Road, Clacton on Sea  CO15 1NZ. Some of you may know this as the Community Volunteer building or Sam's Hall. Imperial House is located near the corner of Rosemary Road and Beach Road.  At night the hall is accessed through Imperial House car park.  The entrance to the car park is on Beach Road  and is on the left about 20 yards after the junction with Rosemary Road when approaching from the seafront.  Go in the entrance door on the  left of the car park and Scott's Garden room can be found immediately on the left. 

Places in the car park are limited and it is likely that they will be full because it is used to store the Clacton Holiday Train.  Also another group will be in the building  before us so it is important you do not block anyone in as it will  result in our debates being disturbed unnecessarily.  It is also suggested that  available places are reserved for those with mobility problems.  However there is plenty of parking available in the surrounding streets particularly Orwell Road, Beach Road and Carnarvon Road.  Also the hall is only about 100 yards away from the free Council car park in Carnarvon Road behind Sainsburys.


Q: And when?                                                                              

A: On the first Wednesday  of each month, at half past seven (sharp).


Q: How do I get in?                                                                       

A: Preferably through the door, whereupon our Treasurer will relieve you of £2 and a very nice young person will ask if you want tea or coffee during the break.


Q: Two quid? Each time? That's £24 a year.  

A: It would be if you paid each time. Naturally, we hope that once you've tried it you'll want to become a regular, in which case it'll cost you £16 for the year. Refreshments in the form of of tea or coffee and a biscuit are available during the break for which a donation may be made. 

Q: What happens at a debate?   

A: We hold four kinds of meeting - Formal, Open Forums, Question Time and Balloon Debates which are described elshere on this site. 

Q: Do I have to join in?     

A: Not if you don't want to. We have several members who have been coming for years and speak infrequently. Most like to once they have settled in, though.


Q: Is it full of toffs?                                                                         

A: Dunno, I've never asked. (No, absolutely not ! Ed.)


Q: I'm afraid of making a fool of myself.    

A: Wait till you've seen some of our regular speakers!


Q: I'm not intellectual enough for a Debating Society.      

A: Neither are we. It doesn't seem to bother anybody, though.


Q: Do the debates ever get heated?           

A: Occasionally. Blood is seldom spilled and most of us can still speak to each other reasonably civilly!