An Open Forum is much like a Formal Debate except that the audience has more participation. Each Speaker has ten minutes to expound his point of view, the Proposer speaking first. This normally takes the time to a few minutes to eight o'clock, so the Chairman will usually call for a few contributions from the floor. While these should be restricted to a reasonable time, say three or four minutes, audience members can speak several times. The Chairman will often invite one or both of the Speakers to reply to points from the floor.

At about a quarter past eight there is a break for tea or coffee during which people (who may include the Speakers) circulate and chat. At about half past eight the Chairman calls the meeting to order and the questions and answers resume. When the Chairman judges that there are no more points to be made he will ask the Speakers to sum up briefly before calling for two volunteers from the floor to act as Tellers. The Chairman then reads out the Motion and asks for votes in favour. The Tellers count the show of hands and agree the number, which the Chairman records before asking for votes against and then for any abstensions. The Chairman then declares the Motion either carried or defeated, thanks the Speakers, announces the date, Speakers and Motion for the next meeting and declares the meeting closed, usually at about half past nine.