Modelled on the television programme of the same name, this features a Panel of worthies (actually normal members) answering topical questions posed by the audience. Members are asked to submit questions on slips of paper as they come in and the Chairman then selects questions to be put to the Panel, choosing appropriate members to answer first.

Sometimes there is a dominant news story which results in several questions essentially the same and so the Chairman might combine several questions into one. Once all the Panel members have answered the Chairman will normally ask the Questioner for any comments or requests for clarification before throwing the question open to the floor. Once the Chairman is satisfied that the question is exhausted he will move on to the next. No votes are held at this sort of meeting. At about half past nine or when he has run out of questions the Chairman will thank the Panellists, announce the date, Speakers and Motion for the next meeting and declare the meeting closed.