My Committees


I am a member of the following Committees:


Audit and Scrutiny 

Essex Fire Authority

Elected Chairman 2008

Policy & Strategy
Grievance & Discipline Group for Principal Officers
Joint Consultative Committee


I am a member of the following Committees at Basildon Council. Please click on the title of the Committee to find out more about them or to view the minutes and agendas. 

The public are always welcome to attend these meetings and questions to Cabinet Members can be asked at Council, providing they are submitted in writing by 10am on the Monday before the Council meeting.

Questions should be sent to Mr Paul Burkinshaw at the Council or by email


Audit and Risk Committee, Chairman 2008 -2009

Leisure Scrutiny

Groundwork South Essex Trust

Nominated representative to Board from Basildon Council.

Groundwork is a federation of Trusts in England, Wales and Northern Ireland each working with their partners to improve the quality of the environment, lives of local people and businesses in areas in need of investment and support.

For more information on Groundwork and the Trusts, contact