November 2012

November, 2012


Thurs 1st –                  Away (Mexico, Honduras, and Ecuador) (Not paid for by ECC!)

Mon 12th


Tues 13th                  11am Fire Authority Meeting at Kelvedon Park


Tues 13th                   1.30pm Fire Authority Meeting (Development Board),

                                    Kelvedon Park


Wed 14th                    1.00pm Shenfield Liberal Democrat Ward Councillor Meeting


Wed 14th                    6.00pm Standards Cross Party Working Group, Brentwood Borough Council


Thurs 15th                  10.00am Economic Development, Environment and Highways Meeting, County Hall


Thurs 15th                  2pm Overview & Scrutiny Task & Finish Group (Fraud Investigation) Brentwood Borough Council


Fri 16th                        9am Meeting at County Hall re Crossrail


Fri 16th                        10.30am Meeting with ECC Officer re School Truancy levels in



Mon 19th                    2pm Pre-briefing for Overview & Scrutiny Meeting

                                    Brentwood Borough Council


Mon 19th                    6.00pm Standards Reference Group, Brentwood Borough Council


Mon 19th                    7.00pm Local Highways Panel Meeting,             Brentwood Borough Council


Wed 21st                    7.00pm Assets Meeting, Brentwood Borough Council


Thurs 22nd                 11.30am Visit to Bentley School, Pilgrims Hatch regarding

                                    Puffin Crossing


Thurs 22nd                 7pm Liberal Democrat Group Meeting, Brentwood Borough



Fri 23rd                        1.00pm Meeting at Brentwood Borough Council (C/R 4)

                                    (Conference Call and Meeting re future of Standards Board,

                                    Brentwood Council)


Sat 24th                      Manchester United vs QPR


Mon 26th                    7.00pm Extraordinary Council Meeting, Brentwood Town Hall


Tues 27th                   1.30pm Members Training Session – County Hall

                                    (Councillors Code of Conduct)


Tues 27th                   4.00 p.m. Meeting at Brentwood Town Hall as Overview &

                                    Scrutiny Chairman – Briefing with Section 151 Officer


Wed 28th                    3.00pm Representing resident at Hearing for Benefits Appeal


Wed 28th                    7.00pm Overview & Scrutiny Committee, Brentwood Town Hall