Committee and Contacts for the Colchester Croquet Club. (Last Updated 01-May-18)

For all enquiries and membership matters please email the club secretary who will direct you to an appropriate contact.

Also note that, to prevent the capture of email addresses by trawling software, you must type the secretary's email address, replacing the asterisk with the usual @ sign, into your email.


President   David Haslam        
Chairman   Nick Steiner        
Secretary   Jane Collier   jane.collier37*    
Treasurer   Patricia Drinkwater        
Lawns   Peter Kenward        
Housekeeping   Georgeen Hemming        
Bar   Rob Waites        
Catering   Georgeen Hemming        
















In addition to their offices above, Nick Steiner and Georgeen Hemming are the club handicappers for Association Croquet and Jane Collier, Ann Brookes and Pam Hopper are the club handicappers for Golf Croquet.

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