Membership Information. (Last Updated 07-Apr-17)

The club is open to everyone but an informal acceptance procedure does exist.

Membership fees for 2017 are as follows:


Full - First Year - New to croquet


Full, Joint - First Year - New to croquet




Full, Joint £360
Second Club (Resident in Essex or Suffolk) £75
Far Country (Outside Essex and Suffolk) £50
Student (In full-time education) £25
Social (Use of club but no playing)


Winter Membership only (Oct to Mar incl.)














The above fees cover the outdoor season, April to October (actual start and end dates controlled by the weather), and are due at the start of the season.  They can, however, be paid in two installments.


For late joining fees please contact the club.


One may play as a visitor, maximum 6 visits, for £2 per hour to a maximum of £5 per half day.  These amounts will be refunded on joining the club during the year of the first visit.