What is Croquet? (Last Updated 14-Oct-13)

Croquet is played on a lawn, 28 by35 yards, on which there are 6 hoops and a central peg.

The overall aim is to run (hit your ball with the face of your mallet such that your ball passes through the appropriate hoop) a number of hoops before your opponent.

There are two main types of croquet, Association and Golf.

In Association Croquet, one tries to build breaks (cf snooker) using all four balls in an attempt to run a series of hoops in a specific order and peg out (hit the central peg with your ball). Breaks are created by gaining extra strokes as a result of either running an appropriate hoop or causing your ball to strike a live ball (one that has not been struck since the last hoop run). Having started a turn, a player continues his turn until he is no longer able to gain extra strokes.

In Golf Croquet, players take it in turn to strike their ball with the face of their mallet with the aim of running a series of hoops in a specific order.  Once a ball has run the required hoop, that side scores a point and all players try for the next hoop. The game ends when one player, or pair of players in doubles, has run 7 hoops. If the score reaches 6 hoops each, then the winner is the first to run a predefined thirteenth hoop.

Without wishing to be either ageist or sexist, it is worth noting that, because of the existence of a handicap system which gives extra turns to the weaker player, men and/or women, of all ages and abilities, can play against each other on more or less equal terms.

For more information on Croquet visit the Croquet Association website www.croquet.org.uk

For the East Anglian Croquet Federation (EACF) visit www.angliacroquet.co.uk

For the basic and full laws of Association Croquet visit www.croquet.org.uk/association

For the basic and full laws of Golf Croquet visit www.croquet.org.uk/?p=golf/laws