colchester pensioners' action group


CPAG meet every third Friday of the month at Cardinal Bourne, Hall Priory Street, 

Colchester between 2 and 4 pm. 


Statutory and voluntary organisations providing services for those of pensionable age are invited to speak and give information. We also meet and contribute to ECC Older Peoples Planning Group and Older Peoples Forum; hold hustings prior to all elections with a panel of candidates who each give a brief policy statement followed by questions from the floor. From time to time trips and Lunches are arranged as are guest speakers / entertainers. Please see News for meeting details -


 Friday 19th July - The science of Successful Ageing. Once again we welcome research specialist Dr Vanessa Loaiza from Essex University for special presentation on how we can all grow older better, called 'Like a Fine Wine': The science of Successful Ageing, she will explain what we can do to ease the pathway ahead.


Friday 16th August - On the Buses. We get the chance to say what we like and do not like about the Borough's bus services. Does the route you use stop in te right place for you?  Could the service to your area of town be improved? What can we do to help the disabled and visually impaired travel better?

Jon Smith of Colchester Citizens aims to use our thoughts and opinions to support a campaign on our behalf, even of interest to those who do not use buses...Because if you don't why not?


Friday 20th September - Murder and Mayhem in Colchester. Amateur historian Sharon Mooney visits to take us through the tales of killing that litter the Borough's past. You will certainly nt look at some of our buildings the same once you know what went on in them.

A specialist in digging up what went on behind closed doors, many of Sharon's stories involve the very heart of the town.

Her talk will also benifit charity as she requests a donation made to Cancer Research.


Friday 18th October - Annual meeting with Borough Councillors. The whole meeting will be given over to questioning borough councillors on topics of the moment ...and what has happened since they were here in the spring looking for our votes. The Conservatives are still the biggest party on the council but the opposition have again united to form a controlling administration. Does it matter? Is it fair? Or are we more interested in bin collections, bus stations and the future of Jumbo?


Friday 15th November - Helping the Homeless. Last year we weree visited by a couple of mmbers of the team behind the special Colchester Homeless Bus Project who outlined what the organisation hoped to do for those wandering the Borough's streets. 

Things have moved on and funding has been obtaine. So what exactly will the bus provide for those who do not have a home of their own? And does it mean that, instead of fewer people on the streets, it will simply encourage those living rough in other towns without such services to move here where things are happening to ease their lot?


Friday 20th December  - Just before Christmas we gather to get ourselves in the mood with an afternoon of music and fun activties.  Wear your party hats enjoy Mince Pies and of course the company of friends Just take care not to  stand too close to the mistletoe... (members only)



Lunches at Colcheste Institute Balkerne Resturant will resume when it opens in the autumn.



Contact Information

Cardinal Bourne Hall
51 Priory Street

01206 577921