Colchester District Neighbourhood Watch is responsible for setting up, developing, and supporting Neighbourhood Watch Schemes in the Borough of Colchester.

This web site is a repository of Crime Prevention Advice. The content is free to all to access and you do not need to join. If you do join, you will be notified when additions are made and you may find this of benefit.

If you wish to start a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme in your community, then please send us an email to -


You can follow us on Twitter at -


Be aware of what is happening in your neighbourhood. If you see anything suspicious call Essex Police on 101 or 0300 333 4444. If a theft or other crime is actually taking place, call 999. You can also report non emergency crime online at -


If you are reluctant to report what you think is criminal activity, or just want to report your suspicians, then CRIMESTOPPERS may be the organisation you are looking for. Just a phone call enables someone to record what you know, or think you know, whilst giving you total anonymity. Absolutely nothing about you will be recorded or communicated to the authorities. Follow this link to learn more -


If you have been a victim of crime and feel that you need some help, Victim Support is the organisation you should contact. Follow this link to learn more -


If you think you have, or have been, a victim of fraud then follow this link for advice -


Rogue Traders, and other organisations or individuals who conduct unfair business practice, are the focus of Trading Standards. This link takes you to a comprehensive description of what Trading Standards is about -


The Essex based Trading Standards team are located at County Hall, Chelmsford. Here is a link to their web site -


If you look after someone with Dementia, take a look at our Partnerships Page where you will find information about the Herbert Protocol that provides advice and help should someone with Dementia go missing.

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