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Clip and Print (HP Smart Web Printing)

I am a regular user of the essexinfo site and was able to use it very well with Windows XP.  However when I bought a new HP notebook loaded with Vista I had problems in editing material and creating links.  When I tried to do this, my system kept returning a menu for ‘Clip and Print’, and would not allow me to use the standard editing features.  After a certain amount of tearing of hair and talking through possible solutions with the essexinfo staff i.e. was it something to do with Microsoft, Vista, or my Internet Browser, I went away and rummaged through my computer system eventually coming across a delightful feature called HP Smart Web Printing.  When this is enabled, probably as default, it blocks the standard editing features and instead imposes Clip and Print which is very useful for printing sections of articles when you are browsing the internet, but otherwise, not!  Having discovered that I could disable this ‘helpful’ feature on my computer by going to the File menu and switching to the Standard Mode I then found I could edit and create links again in the essexinfo site.  I hope that this will help anyone else who has encountered this particular problem.   Pat Marsden

Enter a title for your Photos

When entering your title limit the text (including punctuation, symbols and spaces) so that it does not run beyond the limits of the text box.  If you want a longer description fully displayed add it to the Album Story field.

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