Copford With Easthorpe Neighbourhood Plan Community Questionnaire

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There are approximately 600 homes in the parish of Copford with Easthorpe. More homes will be built in the parish over the next few years, but we are aiming to create a consensus on where, how many, and what they will look like.


A questionnaire covering future development and various aspects of parish life is being delivered to every home together with The Plainsman this month. The results will be used to draw up a Neighbourhood Plan focussing specifically on our parish, the local services we rely on and the amenities many of us enjoy. If the plan is approved by the Borough Council in a local referendum, it will become the statutory planning document for the parish.


We strongly urge you all to respond to this questionnaire so your views can be represented. No individuals will be identified in the Neighbourhood Plan. If you require further copies for your household please contact Graham Barney at the email address below or ring him on 01206 210450.


Someone will call to collect your completed questionnaire over the weekend of 7/8 February.


Alternatively please return it by 8 February in any of the following ways: -

Post it in the box in the reception area of Copford Primary School or at The Alma Deliver to 8 Grantley Close or 55 London Road


Or download an electronic version of the questionnaire from and email it to Graham Barney at


Thank you.