Thank you for your enquiry regarding our Dog Training School which takes Place at DEBDEN PARK COMMUNITY CENTRE, WILLINGALE ROAD, LOUGHTON,  ESSEX, (The Centre is directly by Debden Park High School).

You can feel safe in the knowledge that The Forest Dog Training School is probably one of the most Experienced, Well Run and well known Dog Training School's in the entire country, and has been running for over 30 Years, and is recommended by the MAJOR DOG SOCIETIES OF GREAT BRITAIN, VETERINARY SURGEONS, and LICENCED KENNELS.

The Forest Dog Training School is a 'proper Training School' - as opposed to a club - and we offer Highly Experienced Dog Training Classes at very reasonable prices. Remember, you can never beat 'Quality and Experience'.

The venue itself has it's own Car Parking facilities, and Loughton is centrally and conveniently situated only some 15 - 20 minutes from Stratford, Barking & Dagenham in the South, Romford & Ongar in the East, Enfield & Tottenham in the West, and Harlow & Cheshunt in the North.

The course which runs for Six Weeks is instructed by a Highly Experienced Class Dog Trainer. It's tried and tested formula has been designed for owners with Dogs as pets with General Dog Obedience in mind.

You will be instructed on the following:-
Heel Work, Sit At Heel, Stand At Heel, Sit And Stay, Re-Call, and the Emergency Down Position (for Safety). There will also be instruction on Socialisation, plus the rights and wrongs of Training.

Dog Training is a partnership between the Owner and the Dog. It is important that the owners themselves know what to do so they can work with the Dog effectively. Working with the Dog, of course, our strategy has always been to 'train' the owner to train the Dog, so within the course, the owner will also learn what commands to use (and which ones not to), when to use them and how to use their voice correctly.

We are occasionally asked if it is ok to bring a dog (bitch) to training when 'in season'. We would like to put on record that we take dogs 'at any time' whether in season or not, so you need not be worried about bringing your dog to the classes in this situation.

It should also be noted that training your dog is not just about coming to the classes once a week, but also how much time and effort you are prepared to put into the training during the week.

We cannot emphasise enough how strongly recommended it is that a Slip-Collar Chain, along with the 'Correct' Training Lead be used when training your Dog.

Regarding the chain, we would strongly advise that you refrain from buying a Slip-Collar Chain UNTIL you arrive for training as it is of the Utmost importance that the Dog is fitted with the correct linkage and size chain and that it is fitted correctly - WRONG FITTING OF A CHAIN CAN CAUSE YOUR DOG SERIOUS DAMAGE. Obviously the Trainer will advise you on this.

Both the Slip-Collar Chain and the Training Lead can be purchased at the classes.
If in doubt about the slip-collar chain, please contact us, or better still speak to the Trainer when you arrive.

Please Note:- due to the possibility of injury to dogs, 'Extending Leads' should not be brought to the classes at any time.

The Dog MUST be at least Three Months of age and over, and must have a Current Vaccination Certificate (viewed on the first night of training)


For FULL INFORMATION,  Prices and Booking Proceedure or if you need to contact us at any time, please either write to the above address, phone on either:-
07831-710419 or 020-8508-3468, or e-mail us at:- fdts1@aol.com

For Further detials,  please visit our website on:-

We do pride ourselves in trying to offer you the best service possible.

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