A new website for walkers in Essex has been set up and you might find this link to their site useful (we cannot be responsible for the content of any site you visit outside this one)  
A recent letter to the Courier asked about the numbers mentioned when commenting on footpaths. Councillor Rob Sidgwick has the (very) large footpath map which is available for the public to view and Councillor Teresa Parkins has a smaller more user friendly map and this can also be viewed by any member of the public. Just contact us as below.   

 Councillor Rob Sidgwick is the Footpath Officers for East Mersea. Please contact him via the Clerk (see contact pages) or by e.mail:


Footpaths problems current:

The footpath leading directly onto East Road on the Church side of the road between Church Lane and Shop Lane has been tidied up to make it more visible. However, residents have asked that a physical barrier be erected to stop anyone dashing straight out into the path of the traffic.

 Fallen sign at Church Lane pointing down to beach through Cooper's Beach - this has now been fixed.

Styles on seawall have now been repaired. 

 Congratulations to both Rob and Jeanette Sidgwick (Jeanette pictured right) on raising much needed funds for the Pink Ribbon breast cancer charity by walking for them this summer.

If you have a favourite photograph of a walk in East Mersea then why not let us publish it here on the footpath page.

 Jeanette Sidgwick