Financial Regulations and Standing Orders,


FINANCIAL REGULATIONS adopted 31st July 2014




A)        Period of Chairmanship: The number of consecutive years the chairmanship may be held by one councillor is restricted to four.


B)        Public Participation: Members of the public will be asked at Public Question Time to identify the Agenda Item before which they wish to address the Council, the Chairman will then adjourn the Meeting before that Agenda Item for public participation.


C)        Publication of Draft Minutes: Draft Minutes may be published before they are signed as accurate, but must be marked ‘draft’.


D)        Suspension of Standing Orders: Any or every part of the Standing Orders may be suspended by resolution in relation to any specific item of business.


E)         Variation of Standing Orders: A resolution permanently to add, vary or revoke a Standing Order shall when proposed and seconded, stand adjourned without discussion to the next ordinary meeting of the Council.


F)         Distribution of Standing Orders: A copy of these Standing Orders shall be given to each member by the Clerk upon delivery to her of the member’s Declaration of Acceptance of Office and written undertaking to comply with the Code of Conduct adopted by the Council.