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Welcome to Elsenham Parish Council website.

On this website you will find contact details of council members.

Agendas for forthcoming meetings and minutes of meetings are also available and may be downloaded.

You can also find other information about the Parish Council and Elsenham.



Under the Localism Act 2011 where a Parish (or Town) Council has a web site, the Council is required to publish the register of members interests.  In order to comply with this requirement, the link below provides access to the Uttlesford District Council website where full details of interests are given for each of the Councillors of Elsenham Parish Council.






Parish Councillor Vacancies

Following the resignations of Cllr. Campbell Dunn and Cllr. Frances Lambert, there are two councillor vacancies on the Parish Council.

If anyone is interested in becoming a parish councillor and wishes to have more information on what is involved, they should contact the Clerk to the Council, Mrs. Louise Johnson.




Fairfield Planning Application for 350 Homes on Land to the North West of Henham Road, Elsenham

Fairfield is again on the move and has submitted an outline planning application ( UTT/17/3573/OP ) for up to 350 new homes located between Elsenham and Henham; see below.

 PROPOSAL: Outline application with all matters reserved except for access for:

Up to 350 dwellings, 1 no. primary school including early years and childcare setting for up to 56
places, open spaces and landscaping including junior football pitch and changing rooms,
access from B1051 Henham Road with associated street lighting and street furniture,
pedestrian, cycle and vehicle routes. pedestrian and cycles link to Elsenham Station and
potential link to Hailes Wood, vehicular and cycles parking. provision and/or
upgrade/diversion of services including water, sewerage, telecommunications. electricity,
gas and services media and apparatus, on-plot renewable energy measures including
photo-voltaics, solar heating and ground source heat pumps, drainage works, sustainable
drainage systems and ground and surface water attenuation features, associated ground
works, boundary treatments and construction hoardings.

The application is for outline permission to be granted, with all matters except for access, (appearance, landscaping, layout and scale) reserved for future determination. 

 The Parish Council is of the strong view that this planning application should be opposed and together with other parish councils, will be opposing and objecting to the application.

However, it is vitally important that residents who also oppose this proposal for a further 350 homes - in addition to the extra new housing that has been already allocated to Elsenham - should also respond to the application and advise Uttlesford District Council's Planning Department of their views.

The deadline for residents' submissions was 13th February 2018 and has now closed.

A date has yet to be set for the application to come before the UDC Planning Committee.




Consultation on Regulation 19 (Draft) Local Plan

The final public consultation on the draft Local Plan has now been further delayed and is now planned to take place during late Summer 2018; however, the date for the start of the consultation period has yet to be announced by Uttlesford District Council.  Once more information is available, details of the consultation will be advised.

There are 3 UDC Planning Policy Working Group meetings scheduled to be held in April and May, the dates of which are as follows:

Tuesday, 17th April in the Council Chamber at 7.00pm

Wednesday, 23rd May in the Council Chamber at 7.00pm

Thursday, 31st May in the Council Chamber at 7.00pm.

At each of these meetings, parts of the Local Plan evidence base will be discussed and considered.





Code of Conduct 

Pursuant with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011, Elsenham Parish Council at its meeting held on Monday, 2nd July resolved to adopt a new Code of Conduct with effect from that date. A copy of the Code may be obtained by applying to the Parish Council Clerk (Mrs. Louise Johnson) or by going the the Code of Conduct page on this site and downloading the document.



 Village Inspections

Members of the Parish Council carry out an inspection of the Village periodically in order to identify problems and faults which require attention and repair and this information is passed on the the relevant authority responsible - e.g. Essex County Council Highways Dept., Uttlesford District Council, or the relevant public utilities company.

However, if members if the public do spot a problem, the problem can be reported directly to the relevant authority, or if unsure of who to talk to the Parish Clerk (or one of the Parish Councillors).



Contact Information

Mrs. Louise Johnson, Clerk to the Parish Council
'Reindeer',Stansted Road
CM22 6LL


07456 791727