Councillors Responsibilities


A list of the responsibilities for each of the Councillors, the Committees and Working Groups on which they serve is as follows.




Complaints Committee

Stewart Pimblett, Annie Gleeson, Peter Johnson

Finance Committee

Peter Clear, Campbell Dunn, Annie Gleason, Peter Johnson

Personnel Committee

Stewart Pimblett, Annie Gleeson, Frances Lambert, Peter Johnson

Planning Committee

Campbell Dunn, Moyra Jackson, Graham Mott, Willian Smith, Peter Johnson

Playing Field Committee

Peter Clear, Frances Lambert, Annie Gleeson, Peter Johnson

Rights of Way and Opens Spaces (EROWOS) Committee

Stewart Pimblett, Campbell Dunn, Graham Mott

Flower Beds Committee

Moyra Jackson, Peter Clear, William Smith, Stewart Pimblett



Allotments Working Group

Stewart Pimblett, Peter Clear, William Smith, Peter Johnson

Cemetery & Chapel Working Group

Stewart Pimblett, Peter Clear, Raymond Franklin, Peter Johnson

Emergency Planning Working Group

Stewart Pimblett, Graham Mott, Peter Johnson

Grass Cutting Contract Working Group

Stewart Pimblett, Peter Clear, Peter Johnson



Elsenham Community Association

Frances Lambert

Elsenham Sand Quarry Liaison Committee

Peter Johnson, Ray Franklin

Inter-Parish Liaison Committee (sub-District 3)

Peter Johnson

Joint Parish Councils Steering Group/Save Our Village

Stewart Pimblett, Peter Johnson

Neighbourhood Watch

Frances Lambert

Parish Paths Partnership Liaison

Graham Mott

Public Transport - Essex County Council

Raymond Franklin, William Smith

Stop Stansted Expansion - Parish & Town Councils Liaison Group

Stewart Pimblett

Uttlesford Association of Local Councils


Village Hall Management Committee

Annie Gleeson, Raymond Franklin

Wells Trust Charity

Raymond Franklin, Peter Johnson



Press Officer

Moyra Jackson

Parish Archivist

Raymond Franklin

Tree Warden

Heather Salvidge