Our Branch



What we do 

  • Hold branch meetings  to support people with epilepsy and their families and carers. This enables people to discuss their experiences with others in a simular situation. These meetings also inform our members of all branch events for the current calendar year. 
  • Provide information to people with epilepsy and their families on the non-medical aspects of living with epilepsy (education, employment, sports and leisure etc.) 
  • Organise information and awareness events so people can drop in and find out more about epilepsy; thus helping to reduce stigma and myths about epilepsy.
  • Liase with local professionals and other organisations to discuss how they can maximise their support to people with epilepsy.
  • Organise social events for its members, their families, carers and friends so they can relax and enjoy themselves. meals at local restaurants, visits to the theatre, day trips, quiz evenings, etc.
  • Hold fundraising events so we can continue to provide a service to people within our community.