Alsa Wood Access

Update November 2016:
David Wilson Homes have now completed the restoration of the footpath north from Stansted Road towards Bedwell Road, so that it is no longer necessary to divert through Alsa Wood.  From the junction with the path into the wood, at the zebra crossing, continue along the new footpath, and then keep to the left, between the two rows of Heras fencing, to emerge in the field beyond their site.
Now that the public footpath (FP31) has reopened we would urge you not to divert through the woodland as this route needs a chance to recover from the ravages caused by the additional use during the summer.
FP32 through to the motorway bridge is usable and we plan to fill the muddy patches shortly (with some welcome help from DWH!).
The diversion of FP31 through the Spinney has now been completed and a hard surface installed.  Please use paths through the spinney during the wet weather to avoid damage to the grass and wild flower area.
Update April 2016:

Signs are now in place which give alternative routes following the closure of the public footpath through the David Wilson Homes site.  

Please do not tamper with them - it has no effect on the builders and can only inconvenience walkers from outside the Village

Following discussion between EROWOS and David Wilson Homes, the footpaths should be re-opened as given below.

These dates are subject to satisfactory progress on the construction work, which cannot be guaranteed.

FP31 runs south-north from Stansted Road to Bedwell Road;

FP32 runs west from its junction with FP31 through Alsa Wood;

FP37 runs west from the end of Leigh Drive to its junction with FP31.


April 2016.  Re-opening of the diversion of FP31 from FP37 to FP32.  Work on the access road will continue.  The (previously muddy) diversion alongside the access road which was in use last year has been made available and the two gates across the access road have been re-opened.  The stretch of FP31 from FP32 to the point where it leaves the building site will continue to be diverted through Alsa Wood.


Early June 2016.  The access road will be completed as far as FP32.  FP31 will become the pavement of the access road from FP37 to FP32.  The stretch of FP31 from FP32 to the point where it leaves the building site will continue to be diverted through Alsa Wood.


End of 2016.  A further stretch of the access road will be completed.  The diversion of FP31 through Alsa Wood will no longer be needed.  FP31 will become the pavement of the access road through the first section from FP32 and will be fenced off from the construction work until it leaves the site.

Update January 2016:

We have been informed by David Wilson Homes (DWH) that the access to Alsa Wood from the Spinney will be closed from Monday 18th January until early April (weather permitting).

We have stressed how important the public footpath through Alsa Wood is to the village.

We have asked for weekend access through the 2 gates but this request has been refused.

DWH have got a legal right to close FP31 temporarily.  

Update November 2015:
You may have seen that work has begun to erect fences around the David Wilson Homes (DWH) building site between the playing field, Alsa Wood and Orchard Crescent.

EROWOS, a sub-committee of Elsenham Parish Council, has been talking at length to DWH and Essex County Council about the impact of this work upon the Public Rights of Way around Alsa Wood. These are Footpath 31 which runs north from Stansted Road past the Spinney on the right and Alsa Wood on the left all the way to Bedwell Road, and Footpath 32 which runs to the west from FP31 through Alsa Wood to the footbridge over the motorway.

We have stressed, and DWH accept, how important these public footpaths are to the village.

The first part of FP31, from Stansted Road to the top corner of the Spinney, will be closed. But in return there will be a new disabled access friendly path running from Stansted Road through the Spinney to link with Footpath 37 that runs from Leigh Drive.

It will be an all-weather path and it will be built by DHW at their expense.

At the eastern end of Footpath 32 and opposite it there will be gates that will allow continued access to the two public footpaths. We have asked DWH to lay down something to eleviate the mud problem.

There have been a number of informal paths around the fields that are about to be developed. Some of these paths will be fenced off for safety reasons and will no longer be available. There is nothing we can do about this.

If you need any further information please email  Erowos at & we will try and answer your query.


Map of Footpath 31 Diversion