Essex Eyes

The following pages provide information on crime within Essex. The figures provided are compiled from data available from Data.Police.UK and accessible under open government licence.


All police forces in England and Wales provide data to the Home Office at the end of each month. This is checked by Data Police UK before publishing, usually at the end of the following month. The raw data can be obtained here.


The County Eye includes Countywide crime trends over the past 3 years together with charts showing the recorded crime rates for individual districts within Essex, so you able to see at a glance whether you live in a high or low crime area.

Links are provided to which compares the number of crimes recorded by Essex Police with other forces in England & Wales. Other links compare Essex Local Authorities with others around the country and details of crime recorded in individual County wards and Police districts within Essex.


Each district has it own page showing the crime trends over the past 3 years and the monthly crime rates for individual crime categories recorded within the district.

Links are also provided to individual district/borough wards and to local police neighbourhoods. A link to a .pdf file also details recorded crime at street level, arranged in LSOA order.


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