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The following is compiled from data available from Data.Police.UK and is accessible under open government licence.

 All police forces in England and Wales provide data to the Home Office at the end of each month. This is checked by Data Police UK before publishing, usually at the end of the following month.


Crime Trends

The following charts show the crime trends for the district, over a 3 year period.

Blue is the monthly number of recorded crimes.

Green is the 12 month average, showing the % change over the previous 12 months.

Red is the standard deviation, the lines representing 3 σ


  Victim based crime includes the following offences  - Burglary, Robbery, Vehicle Crime, Violent & Sexual Crime, Criminal Damage & Arson, Shoplifting, Bicycle Theft,

Theft from a Person and Other Thefts



All Crime includes Victim based crime plus Drugs, Public Order & Possession of Weapons and Other victimless crimes.




All recorded incidents of ASB




Crime Rates 

Crime rates are normally expressed as the number of crimes per 1000 head of population within a defined area.

The following charts show the difference between the expected crime rate and the actual crime rate for the district during this month.

The expected crime rate being based on a population of 147,084 (2011 Census) or 8.5% of the total population of the County. 






Police Neighbourhoods within the Braintree District

There are 14 Police Neighbourhoods in the Braintree District. The district has an overall population of 147,084 (2011 Census), 8.5% of the Counties population.


Braintree district

Police Neighbourhood Crime figures 

Neighbourhood    Population  
Bocking 17,647  
Braintree South 13,614  
Braintree Town 7,262  
Cressing And Stisted 2,224  
Halstead 11,520  
Hatfield Peverel 8,400  
Hedinghams 8,437  
Kelvedon 14,873  
Notley And Rayne 9,720  
Three Colnes 7,543  
Three Fields 5,952  
Witham North 9,441  
Witham South 14,130  
Yeldham 8,925  






Crime in your Area 

Information showing the approximate location of each incident, recorded during this month, can be viewed by using the following link. The information is in LSOA name order, once you have found your local area or the road where you live, the LSOA name will be the same for all future data.


Local Authority Crime Data  

Overall crime figures for Braintree District Council 

Braintree District Council   


Link to BDC Community Safety

Braintree District Council wards 

The following links are to the latest crime figures for individual wards


Bocking South


Bocking Blackwater


Halstead Trinity


Witham South


Witham North


Halstead St Andrew's


Braintree South


Braintree East





Black Notley And Terling


Three Fields


Upper Colne




Hatfield Peverel


Cressing And Stisted




Bradwell, Silver End And Rivenhall



Coggeshall And North Feering


Gosfield And Greenstead Green
Hedingham And Maplestead


Stour Valley North


Braintree Central






Bocking North







Witham Chipping Hill And Central


The Three Colnes


Stour Valley South


Witham West


Great Notley And Braintree West







The Braintree District covers 236 square miles (612 square km). Braintree is one of England's largest districts, with three growing market towns Braintree, Witham and Halstead and surrounding rural areas.


Braintree has an expanding population, estimated to be 147,084 residents, with over 62,000 households. (2011)


The district is split into 30 district council wards and 73 rural Parishes.


The Braintree District is connected via rail link directly with London Liverpool Street through Witham. At the end of the A120 is a major airport, London Stansted Airport and the M11 motorway. The rail and road links to London allow for a higher proportion of the population to commute for work but it also makes travelling for cross border criminals more viable.












Local Reported Incidents

Incident Report for The Braintree District 

Details of crimes where the Police are seeking assistance from the public to help solve them.
These are not lists of all crime in the Braintree District.

Incident Report 10th July






















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