The Harlow Eye

The following is compiled from data available from Data.Police.UK and is accessible under open government licence.
All police forces in England and Wales provide data to the Home Office at the end of each month. This is checked by Data Police UK before publishing, usually at the end of the following month.

Crime Trends

The following charts show the crime trends for the district, over a 3 year period.

Blue is the monthly number of recorded crimes.

Green is the 12 month average, showing the % change over the previous 12 months.

Red is the standard deviation, the lines representing 3 σ



  Victim based crime includes the following offences  - Burglary, Robbery, Vehicle Crime, Violent & Sexual Crime, Criminal Damage & Arson, Shoplifting, Bicycle Theft,

Theft from a Person and Other Thefts




All Crime includes Victim based crime plus Drugs, Public Order & Possession of Weapons and Other victimless crimes.





All recorded incidents of ASB




Crime Rates 

Crime rates are normally expressed as the number of crimes per 1000 head of population within a defined area.

The following charts show the difference between the expected crime rate and the actual crime rate for the district during this month.

The expected crime rate being based on a population of 81,944 (2011 Census) or 4.75% of the total population of the County. 






Crime in your Area

Information showing the approximate location of each incident, recorded during this month, can be viewed by using the following link. The information is in LSOA name order, once you have found your local area or the road where you live, the LSOA name will be the same for all future data.





Police Neighbourhoods within the Harlow District

There are 5 Police Neighbourhoods in the Harlow District. The district has an overall population of 81,944 (2011 Census), 4.75% of the Counties population.







Police Neighbourhood Crime figures 



Harlow Central 20,849
Harlow East 16,103
Harlow North 12,983
Harlow South 13,961
Harlow West 14,169






Local Authority Crime Data  

Overall crime figures for Harlow District Council 

Harlow District Council


Harlow District Council wards 

The following links are to the latest crime figures for individual wards





Great Parndon




Bush Fair


Little Parndon And Hare Street




Mark Hall


Harlow Common


Old Harlow


Sumners And Kingsmoor


Staple Tye


Church Langley











Harlow was built after World War II to ease overcrowding in London and the surrounding areas due to the mass devastation caused by the bombing during the Blitz.

Harlow was a 'Phase I' new town along with other new towns such as Basildon. The town is divided into neighbourhoods, each self-supporting with their own shopping precincts, community facilities and pub.


The town is notable being the location of Britain's first pedestrian precinct and the first modern-style residential tower block.


The district has an area of 11.8 Sq m and divided into 11 district wards.