Rural Community Council of Essex is now managing the Essex Rural Partnership.  If you have any queries relating to the Partnership, please contact Suzanne Roast or Kirsty Monk on 0844 477 3938.

The full website (launched 2007) can be found at www.essexruralpartnership.org.uk


Rural Community Council of Essex has recently relocated to Threshelfords Business Park, Inowrth Road, Feering, Essex CO5 9SE.

If you would like to be a member of the Partnership, please provide your contact details, including the name of the organisation which you wish to represent. 

If you are already a member, and wish to be included in one of the three Action Groups, please advise Suzanne or Kirsty, who will notify you of the next relevant meeting date. 


With over 70% of its land area in agricultural use, Essex is essentially rural. The county has a high quality environment and a larger number of historic sites and buildings. It is also home to many. In order to address the, sometimes conflicting, demands placed upon it and to promote the coordination of service delivery, the Essex Rural Partnership was re-launched in 2005. The Partnership is made up of a range of organisations that deliver services to rural Essex or that represent stakeholders. In order to identify the Partners’ priorities, an Essex Rural Strategy was launched in 2005.

Contact Information

c/o External Relations and Partnerships, Essex County Council, Market Road


01245 437549