We meet as a group once a month in Chelmsford, either for a formal lecture or discussion, usually on a matter of social concern or some aspect of Humanism, or twice a year for a social and once a year for an outing to a place of interest.
Other activities help to promote a sense of community amongst Humanists in Essex, with our four Discussion Groups meeting monthly as a more informal alternative or supplement to our main meeting, which also allow members to become involved without having to travel to Chelmsford.  Our Discussion Group North meets in a pub in Colchester and our other Discussion Groups (Havering/Romford, South and Southend) meet in peoples' homes at various locations in the county.  Discussion Group members usually go for a meal (Sunday lunch) in a pub afterwards..

We are also concerned about the divisive effect of state funding of faith schools and are currently working to gather information on any such proposals in Essex.
Some of our members also visit schools to discuss Humanism with students at sixth form level.
We are also concerned about recent attempts by various religious groups to restrict freedom of speech and freedom of expression, and feel that a rational, secular, humanist, voice needs to be heard.

BHA Partnership
We are a partner of our national organisation, the British Humanist Association (BHA), whose website carries a great deal of information on Humanism, our ideals, our aspirations, and our national campaigns and activities.